Urður Verðandi Skuld

Urður Verðandi Skuld - our own action returning

Enginn má sköpun renna means: no-one can run away from his (self-made) örlög (fate).

Urður Verðandi Skuld are just physics.
Óðsmál tells us that there is hidden profundity in myths and sacred poems in our Eddas. Urður is our doings, Skuld what we get back, as an action always has an equal reaction (physics). Skuld means a debt, and is related to skylda (duty). Fjölskylda means family, and we even have chosen that part.
There is no heaven and no hell for souls gained by paying or not paying to the Church. And soul never suffers.
If we ever heard the twisted sentence: the ways of God are unfathomable, know that this is “borrowed” (/stolen) from the Bhagavad Gita part of Mahabharata, which says: The ways of actions are unfathomable (gahana karmano gatih). Karman means action. Do not even try to understand returning actions/karma. Their ways, Verðandi, are too complicated.