a misleading picture
a misleading picture

They do not come in jars. We only have to imbibe the prefect orderliness within.
Fimbulrúnir are skill in action in Miðgarður, the world of men.
Once gotten, ever more powerful, we always perform flawless actions in tune with Mother Nature and her Laws of Nature. We gain support of Nature in every sphere of life.  –  No small thing, man!  Quite worth trying.
I sincerely prescribe fimbulrúnir against every lack of success in the world of men, Miðgarður.
They are for FREE –  we find them within
–  and, as always: avoid intermediaries to our innermost divinity.

týr á meiði - TM
týr á meiði – TM
our body is made of Gungnir - and so is Nature
our body is made of Gungnir – and so is Nature

By nýsa niður, transcend the sphere of thought, to the source of thought, transcend Nature herself to the origin of all, we gain fimbulrúnir and galdrar góðir (good galdur), which is the skill in action in the world of men. Handy abilities, all that good stuff belonging to the enlightened ones, becomes ours.
Our forefathers’ knowledge is amazing.
Nowadays it is scientifically verified — (see Global Country, hundreds of research)


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