Mother Nature

Mother Nature cares for all our needs. We shall live in flow with Her Almighty Flawless Laws. Learn to nýsa nður and trust Mother Nature

Hin ámáttka, Mother Nature the all-powerful one.

Perfection is the only normal. Normal functioning of Mother Nature is all perfection. Her almighty Laws keep everything in the universe flawless. Always only evolutionary.

But we can damage, and we can disturb.
Then ire builds up in Nature.
She, like a caring mother, can tolerate us to a certain extent, but at a point she bursts – as calamities, disasters.

And know: She is mighty. We are like little ants when She has had it with us.

We can accept Her generous gifts, we can take good care of Her.
She cares for all our needs, she gives all the little joys in life.

So skip pseudo-needs. Live in tune with Her Laws.

Nature is only Gungnir (vibrations), a mythia, mithuia, not tangible,
— and know that we are all-responsible for Her.

We give back to Nature by transcending.
That is meiðmar /to give back for what we receive.
If we do not, then we are mere thieves.