Space-time foam bubble

I simply admire the physics our reverent forefathers left for us to understand now.
Perhaps our myths and poems were not thrown on the fire altogether because they are so amusingly funny. Men used them to show how stupid and primitive our forefathers were! Believing in such rubbish as these myths obviously are! And then all goddesses were banned under the patriarchy. But it is difficult to ban goddesses as they are such a part of our life. So a goddess-substitute, obedient and submissive, a Jewish girl, was invented in Rome. She was likely made from queen Semiramis who decided that her son was a god. The Roman goddess-substitute was named Miriam, later Maria. She has churches such as Notre-Dame, which I, of course, see as temple of Freyja. Also in Denmark Vor Frue kirke, Fruen being Freyja, as the name clearly indicates.