Big Bang – Ragnarök

Big Bang to ragnarök is a huge cycle – as we see it. We are about half through right now, as some 13.8 billions of years have already passed in the sphere of time and space in our beautiful universe.
At ragnarök we have either the big crunch or the big rip. No big deal, as önd skal lifa og aldreigi týnast (soul shall live and never perish –  Líf and Lífþrasir, mean that life never dies.
At ragnarök, he broken symmetry goes back to unity (physics) –  The Unified Field of Total Natural Law,
Æsir and jötnar seen as Fermions a Bosons (Fermi Field and Bose Field).

Ymir - Big Bang
Ymir – Big Bang

Ymir=mc2. Ymir the sounding –  the “ymjandi”-meaning in Icelandic –  is the Big Bang  –  and becomes the 5 sounding elements, space air fire water earth –  to which our 5 senses correlate.

Our senses perceive Gungnir (vibrations) in the world
Our senses perceive Gungnir (vibrations) in the world
Freyja the space-time foam
Freyja the space-time foam

Freyja is a bubble from the space-time foam –  our universe, one of many.
And so is Afrodita — as their names imply. Incredible knowledge our forefathers possessed!


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