Glaðheimar are within - seiður is within - one eye in Mímisbrunnur to understand profundity of human life

We shall now –from now and on– start finding all within. We are told of things outside of us, up there (wherever that is), out there somewhere.

We think that our senses bring our brain and mind some experiences that take place outside of us.
If we want to find Glaðheimar
–glað- means glad, happy, and it means wide–
the home of unbounded width and joy, we should look for that inside.

Mímisbrunnur, the well of Mímir, is also within.

This new view on life will take some time and effort, but the effortless way is to see everything, oneself being firmly grounded in Glaðheimar within (nýsa niður perpetually).
In time, we will see.