Tricky Icelandic - do not jump t wrong conclusions

Too many dictionary translations have been the source of drastic misunderstanding. Note how the vowels need special knowledge.
Note also many meanings of some terms: drepa means to kill, and also to touch. Skírnir drepur tamsvendi, touches Gerður with a magical wand. Also the gods touch, drepa, Ymir the sounding, so he becomes the 5 elements or vibrational modes. How often have we heard kill here??
Many lousy stories have been invented from little knowledge, narrowmindedness, and entirely misleading translations.
Let alone the persistent flaws in manuscript-reading!

Óðsmál tries to shed a new light on Edda myths and poems.
Tricky Icelandic:
A man learning norræna (Old Norse) amusingly claims it to be “shitty of norræna (OldNorse) to have so many meanings found in one word”.
And know, also, that many concepts have more than one word for them.