Sól Sun and Nanna Máni – Baldur

Sól and Nanna – our sky-born deities

moon-goddess Nanna Nanna mánagyðja
moon-goddess Nanna
Nanna mánagyðja

Nanna moon-goddess is feminine as the consort of Baldur the sun-god.
Máni (moon) also is a masculine deity.

goddess Sun gyðjan Sól
goddess Sun
gyðjan Sól

Note that Sól, our goddess of enlightenment, is a female deity in Icelandic, in German die Sonne, and in Gaelic grian, gréine also feminine.
We might see her milder than do the peoples in the South.


Listen to pronunciation: gyðjan Sól, Nanna, Baldur, Máni

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