Ránar 9 Daughters

9 daughters of Rán are surface values of life. Rán means perfect orderliness - reflected from Ægir - consciousness - into the universe

The 9 daughters of Rán (pron.Raun) are the ever-moving superficial values in life. – 9, our mythical number, is here no exact number of 9, but uncountable mundane waves. The waves are the ocean, and cannot be pinpointed as anything tangible.
If we live only – exclusively – in the surface waves of life, Ránardætur are sure to drive us crazy – sooner or later. They are wild and merciless in their beautiful dance of life.
We have to contact the abyss of Ægir, connect to the perfect order, Rán. Shovel the silence of the deep ocean, our boundless consciousness, into Ránardætur, our active life in Miðgarður. This is to enrich life in Ránardætur, make our life powerful as is the unfathomable inner ocean of silence and power.
Bára,Blóðughadda, Bylgja, Dúfa, Hefring, Himinglæva, Hrönn, Kólga og Unnur. Some of their names are proper girls´ names in Iceland. All names have a meaning in Icelandic.