Grottasöngur Edda Poem

Gróttasöngur (Edda poem) is all about our abuse of animals.

Óðsmál tells us that there is hidden profundity in myths and sacred poems in our Eddas. Grottasöngur/Gróttasöngur warns against greed and the abuse of living beings.

We have a human brain, we should understand, and we should revere and protect all life on earth. Each creature is on its evolutionary path, even if they do not possess a human nervous system. He who eats killed animals partakes in the sin of killing, he who gains from suffering is responsible for suffering. That does not yield a good Skuld (–see Urður Verðandi Skuld--).
Agriculture and farming (burning forests, torturing animals) gives humans food-security, but we must avoid our heedless greed.