Gungnir vibrations


We do not register ginnungagap with our 5 senses. Our five senses only register Gungnir (vibrations) in Miðgarður

We activate matter by injecting consciousness into it ! There is only that flickering and playful Gungnir out of which we are making our worlds. Nothing tangible.
Without conscious being behind matter, matter´s only tendency is to increase disorder (entropy). So what are our worlds – as many as there are men!!!
What we perceive not is all-pervading consciousness, yet we are it.
Oh, we have a way to contact It, That which is pure bliss. (Hávamál nýsa niður, self given to Self.) We shall do that. Delightful, brings joy into life, yields perfect health to our Gungnis-bodies (yes, our bodies we make out of that unstable Gungnir).