Gungnir Vibrations

We do not register ginnungagap with our 5 senses. Our five senses only register Gungnir (vibrations) in Miðgarður

We activate matter by injecting consciousness into it !

There is only that flickering and playful Gungnir out of which we are making our worlds. Nothing tangible.

World, Icelandic veröld (ver-öld) = man´s life-span  –  each world is as is the thinker of it (his/her private unique one).

Without conscious being behind matter, matter´s only tendency is to increase disorder (entropy). So what are our worlds – as many as there are men!!!

What we perceive not is:  all-pervading consciousness, yet we are it.

Oh, we have a way to contact It, That, which is pure bliss.(Hávamál nýsa niður, self given to Self.) We shall do that. Delightful, brings joy into life, yields perfect health to our Gungnis-bodies (–yes, our bodies we make out of that unstable Gungnir–).