22 Valkyrja

chatter 22    so easy and natural     —  symbolic language of myths and kvæði, allegory in god-spells

i am telling thee one thing:   we are ginnungagap

we are the great void, the womb of the universe, the Fullness, Truth, Eternity, Reality, Divinity.

Óðinn given to Óðinn, my self given to my Self  (Hávamál vísa 138 and on) —  gnoþi seauton (know thyself)


Valkyrja is mighty and powerful  –  but her role is much misunderstood

the magnificent symbolic language of myths, and all the lovely personifications, can be misunderstood by those men who do not know the whole picture

a valkyrja does not carry dead men from a battlefield to Valhöll

valkyrja is an aid, and an instrument, to lead individual consciousness to Ásgarður, the abode of gods

here we expand to eternity, infinity, and here we gain ásmegin (ás-megin, the might and main of æsir)

here we are pure consciousness –  no thoughts, no time, no space

thought enters not into Ásgarður, the sphere of the gods, sphere of natural law

as we now know, all is in ginnungagap, ginnungagap is all there is

pure consciousness is what we are in pure essence

a human thought is an all-worldly fleeting created thing !


as every horse is willing to run home,
so pure thought lets go of everything, gets “lost”, and that is the purpose of performing a valkyrja  – nýsa niður, transcend



if we strain, or use any means to direct the mind, or manipulate, we only spoil the whole process  —  which is as automatic, and sure to be, as the good horse brings us back home


the spear is to open up for the flow of life  —  called blood in mythical language  —  so “und” (Icelandic for wound) is not on a body, not on a living man, and the less on a dead man

blood, some flow, is the language of myths, to use worldly phenomena to describe the hidden meaning
only the pure men understand
the coarse men laugh


yashas is beautiful appearance, honour, glory, worth, splendour, a person of respectability
thought to be the name of Skírnir in Skírnismál, the ray (geisli) from divinity, lord Freyr, to Gerður who praises material gold only, “hold Ymis” (worldly stuff of Ymir), not understanding the divine gold, “hodd goða



Gerður drags paradise (fence) along into human life, i.e. lives in Gymisgarðar
born as a man, but has animal nature in her, and lacks understanding of her own divine nature


lord Freyr falls in love with Gerður – mankind  (listen to Skírnismál)
Skírnir is a splendid fabulous ray (geisli) sent from divinity to man


Gerður (i.e. we on coarse stages) does not know that entering into the divine part of her life, is just as easy as going into one´s own house

no effort is needed, but, we have to perform the effortless valkyrja

so, an effort is needed, but it is an effortless effort

and valkyrja is the only action that does not bind us to the vicious circle of actions (impression, seed of future desire, next action….)

valkyrja is a liberating action, a fórn (sacrifice, the bringing “færa”) of everything worldly for a while
our worldly stuff just waits for us in the meantime

and we are better off when we return, as we have gained fimbulrúnir (karmasu kaushalam, skill in action)


if we push the mind we ruin the whole automatic and easy process


coming home is the easiest and most natural thing on earth


the mind runs from one thing to another in the world of objects of the senses

sometimes likened to a monkey that runs from tree to tree to find one banana here and another there

if the monkey finds a bunch of bananas, he sits down and enjoys
so the mind, if it once has found the supreme happiness within, settles on that
as this is what we, actually, are looking for the whole life!

and the purpose of life is the expansion of happiness


we cannot just stand outside of Hnitbjörg and wait for the blessings to come down on us
hoping, praying, waiting, talking about right and wrong, talking about sins and some god, does not get us anywhere

so as Óðinn got Rati (a rat, the drill) to make a hole, turned himself into a worm, slipped into Hnitbjörg, using worm-holes of physics, so we should do
sounds simple, does it not?


and we meet Gunnlöð, she gives us sips of the mead of wisdom, and she loves us, but we soon return to the world of work and thinking with the wisdom imbibed into us
Kvasir, his blood the flow, and Gunnlöð shows only sincere hospitality


live thy own life  –  living the life of another brings danger
we must be on our own path

never ever meddle up with another man’s dharma
we help our fellow-men  –  we can tell them about the short-cut to Valhöll, i.e. how to perform a real valkyrja
but everyone must live his own life on his own evolutionary path to perfection


*consciousness (Óðinn),
*our human pure nervous system (Sleipnir),
*our servant to fórn is our valkyrja, the performance of fórn
—  this is all we need to gain access to the mead of wisdom, fimbulrúnir, and ásmegin (might and main of æsir) in Ásgarður


Oobs!  a man???

sometimes we are not sure if all men are worthy of that title:  a man

but the gods and goddesses try their very best in every myth

i just hope that we listen   —  and do our best to understand the divine profound message

— ooo 0 -O- 0 ooo —