Ginnungagap is Eternity

Ginnungagap is eternity.
No beginning of it is, nor is there an end to it.
All there is is ginnungagap. Nothing other, no second, nothing else.
All there is is of it and in it.
All universes are in ginnungagap  –  including ours, our Freyja bubble
When we put our awareness on it, it is consciousness.
There is only one consciousness.

we are one consciousness
we are one consciousness

I see thee, and thou seest me, so we “assume” we are two, not one.
When we make our Sleipnir, our human nervous system, during our embryo-state in mother‘s womb, we individualize our consciousness. This is, already then, becoming our big blinding mistake, hard to understand.

our marvellous human nervous system.
our marvellous human nervous system.

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