Siddhartha – Óðin´s names


Síðhöttur, one of Óðins 108 names, means in Icelandic: the one wearing a wide-brimmed hat or hood, but and in Sanskrit:  he who has perfection as a goal.

Gangleri in Icelandic he who walks a lot, in Sanskrit a wave of wisdom from the river of knowledge (Ganga symbolized) gangalahari.

Each name of Óðinn has a meaning in context with the message of the poem or myth in which it occurs. And all names, concepts, epithets convey a meaning.


The very name Óðinn is from Sanskrit: warrior, yodhin योधिन्

See Keshava Deva Shastri and C.A.Holmboe for Sanskrit origin of names and concepts in Norse mythology.

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