We lay the bridge Bifröst, layer by layer, by going into Ásgarður daily,
and –in time– our delicate bridge of purity leads to Valhöll, enlightenment of a man, fully alive. More alive than ever! Now an einherji.

Bifröst, pronounce: ´Biff-roest (not buy Frost, please!) – and the accent on the 1st syllable as always in Icelandic. Also called Bilröst.
Röst means a span in time or space, or can mean our destination.

This bridge is a delicate one. Not visible, as is the rainbow.

The illustrations (pictures) of the unseen can be utterly misleading.
Symbolic language illustrated to something we “see” (worldly phenomena), leads many a man astray from the unseen meaning — which we are (–hopelessly–) trying to explain with visible metaphors –.
Our pictures lead, fatally, into some visible phenomena, some Gungnir-phenomena, which was not the intention at all.
But yet we go on illustrating!
How can I illustrate our purification, by which we lay our bridge to Valhöll?

Sanskrit “setum stara”, to drizzle, layer by layer, the bridge.

Why would we lay Bifröst? Where does Bifröst lead?
Bifröst is for us, in time, to live Valhöll, man‘s enlightenment, fully alive in Miðgarður.

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We lay the bridge Bifröst, layer by layer, as if drizzling invisible stardust, by going into Ásgarður daily.
-How do we go there?
-By nýsa niður (transcend thought) we take a trip to Ásgarður within, naturally and effortlessly,
and this is how we lay Bifröst, layer by layer.
She is made of our purification.

Evolutionary states of man
Evolutionary states of man

By nýsa niður we take a trip to Ásgarður within, naturally and effortlessly, to imbibe our purity and perfection.
Bifröst is for us – in time – to live Valhöll, man‘s enlightenment, the goal of human life-spans, the goal of human life.
It holds not according to body weight, but according to man‘s purity


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