When valkyrja is personified, we see her as a person, right? This is a trap. Personifications of powers and actions always yield mis-understanding.

Valkyrja is a yajna performed. She is our act of transcending. She serves in the way that we can live Ásgarður. The “trip” from me to me, right here within.
This is how our valkyrja serves us.

In Ásgarður we drink the mead of wisdom. We bring that mead back to Miðgarður as fimbulrúnir, skill in action in the world of men.

Perform a valkyrja every day, twice daily.
This is nýsa niður (Hávamál),
visit lognfara lundur Barri (Skírnismál),
transcend thought and space-time.

Use an easy natural delicate technique to allow the mind to find what it is always looking for.
Thoughts and intentions spoil the easy natural technique.