Svaðilfari Father to Sleipnir

Svaðilfari is the father of Sleipnir, our human nervous system

We might not be all too proud of the parents to our Sleipnir. But if we see Loki (–Sleipnis mother–) as man-kind (–who is fucking up situations, and then desperately trying to amend his mess–), we see that Sleipnir is an all-worldly useful little vehicle.
Svaðilfari (–he who takes on challenging expedition–) is a powerful stallion, performing huge tasks. Not so bad for breeding at all.
So we admit: Sleipnir (–our human nervous system–) is a precious gift to humankind. We shall take good care of him, and see him as the priceless way to visit Ásgarður.

See book Stjarnvísi í Eddum by Björn Jónsson, an Icelander.
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