Ægir and Rán

Ægir /Aegir and Rán (pronounce Raun, not Rann)
Ægir is the unfathomable Void, loaded with intelligence and orderliness.
Rán is the perfect order in Ægir, and hence in the universes, which pop up in Ægir.
Ægir is the profound sphere of man’s life of which we do not know – due to shallow education.


Óðsmál gives us the knowledge.

Beware of personifications in myths. These powers are not guys and dolls. They should be understood symbolically, and their actions seen in a way of conveying deep knowledge and profound understanding in metaphors and allegory.
There is insightful allegory (which means: the not directly outspoken meaning) contained in stupidly-looking ancient myths.
Only stupid men see meaningful things in a stupid way. Myths are meant for pure and enlightened men who understand.
The servants at Ægis are Eldir and Fimafengur. We shall have to understand their names symbolically in order to understand the refreshments, grand meal, spread, we are served in the banqueting hall at Ægis.
-How to get there?

Vilbjörg mun vaka
Vilbjörg mun vaka

-We shall have to learn to nýsa niður and practice that delightful simple act.
Vilbjörg mun vaka
shall be awake, has been awakened, we shall “see” (be seers).



Listen to pronunciation: Ægir, Rán, at Ægis, Vilbjörg mun vaka

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