21 Óðinn Vili Véi – Njörður Skaði Baldur

chatter 21  Óðinn Vili Véi    Njörður    Óður Hænir Lóður    —  symbolic language of myths and kvæði, allegory in god-spells

 Njörður and Skaði pull us in two opposite directions
(for Skaði, see chatter 24)

i am telling thee one thing:   we are ginnungagap

we are the great void, the womb of the universe, the Fullness, Truth, Eternity, Reality, Divinity.

Óðinn given to Óðinn, my self given to my Self  (Hávamál vísa 138 and on) —  gnoþi seauton (know thyself)


Óðinn Vili Véi (3 in one) are creating, knowledge looks for knowledge where only knowledge is to be found

and the other half of the cycle (left on pix) is jötnar (yellow), recycling our surplus stuff

the performing of a valkyrja (vidhi; gain wisdom by transcending) is a necessity if we are going to create something of value and permanence

and the three qualities (guna) of nature (one of the many 3-in-ones / trinities): sattva (white cow) rajas(red dog) tamah (green elephant), our þursamegir III  —  rule the whole of the created world, all-powerful
(we do not know this, but we should)

that is why we have to transcend;  we cannot get out of their territory otherwise
nistraigunyo bhav, arjuna, be without the 3-guna, Arjuna


jhaanavan svadharma svabhaavah

purpose of life is to gain higher states of evolution;  we should be intent on That
we know waking state, deep-sleep, REM (rapid eye movements, dreaming) state
now we know, also, the fourth state, transcendence, i given to myself as one, in one-ness, union, yog
and cosmic consciousness will soon follow, Valhöll, if we are intent on That

nature, then, lovingly cares for our needs;

we are not here to work and have some kids; knowest thou that?


we are pure divine essence, and we make a body to live in, but some of us do not know why they got born in the first place, then perhaps not what we are doing here;

that is why i am telling thee all this; if nobody else does, i shall do it;
jay guru Dev, all glory to the great master guru Dev that gave this wisdom to his disciple, Maharishiji, who is my great teacher


creation is not on the surface of thought

rishi devata chandas, Óðinn Vili Véi, HilbertSpace operators states, a perpetual process, takes place in the self-referral state of our consciousness




Óðinn, pure knowledge, gets will to know so the process of knowing begins
he only finds pure knowledge in the sphere of pure knowledge, completely referring to pure knowledge

the 3-in-one, a trinity, of creation in purity, in the field of all possibilities

in the process, some vacuum becomes, which is a spur
movement creates a spur



Helia is a coffee-brake in life  — the womb and the tomb, something not seen but known of
so also a promise for something being on its way, coming again, returning
during winter we know that spring will come, right?


we started in the sea with Njörður, we have had some 3.000.000 or 4.000.000 live-spans, perhaps, before we reach Valhöll

the greatest trouble is that we do not know all this
we might not know that we are heading for Valhöll, the spiritual heights in life of man

no-one tells us; education and institutions fail us

it is not difficult to reach Valhöll, —  actually it is very easy,  — but how can we reach it quickly if we do not know that we are heading for it  — and therefore make no conscious effort in that direction???

ergo:  those who do not know are the ones in the greatest need for the wisdom!


we can simplify the evolution thus:
*dýr are animals in paradise (green fence, enclosure of natural instincts only)

above line, black: *men on coarse, still animal-like, stages

man has free will, should be able to discriminate (the most precious faculty of human mind), and is all-responsible for himself and the world as a whole, but seems not to know!, acts selfishly and out of egoism

grey:  *those who are beginning to see what life is in core and essence, and want to understand and gain wisdom of our innermost divine nature;  but, alas!, they do not know how to do research in consciousness, do not perform a real valkyrja, and might waste precious time on useless means of trying to contact the Supreme

white: *enlightened men, men in Valhöll;

we understand the stages that we have gone through, but do not perceive the ones waiting for us

note: Hávamál can also be divided into these three phases; first is some simple behavioural rules/ courtesy code
(what Elsa-Brita Titchenell so amusingly calls the Emily Post part!!!)
then Loddfáfnir that pretends to understand, but lacks the depth in the teaching
third part, rúnatal, is understood by enlightened men


prakritim svam avasthabhya visrijaami punah punah
i curve within my own nature and create again and again


Óður Hænir Lóður give manhood to man
but some men that are just out of paradise (born as men for the first times)  — and they might be dragging the fence, Gymisgarðar, with them into human life   —  fenced in, as it were, in their animal-nature pattern of thinking and behaving
(listen to Gerður in Skírnismál; she does not even see that situation as a problem at all)


we originated as creatures in the sea on our earth
Njörður is our evolution from that first trace of life

Skaði, the daughter of a þurs Þjazi (–Þjasi being past evolutionary stages–) is our will to evolve, get to the highest peaks of spiritual heights  –   Skaði seeks Baldur sun-god
(for Skaði, see chatter 24)


we get born to ævi after ævi, and add a little bit of wisdom every time  —  but we should do it more quickly
we get new shoes for the road, and Cinderella got new shoes in the palace of the prince

we are provided with some food for the trip, and that is the wisdom that our parents give us

it should be the wisdom of Ullur, the fire of knowledge, that helps us get out of base lives


when we began in the sea, we did not have much wisdom from our parents, did we?
but natural instincts was all that we needed to survive

in the womb of our mother as an embryo of a man-to-be, we actually go through all these past stages, in a 9 months’ period from conception and to birth to the sunlight

this incredible memory from Njörður is somewhere in us, and what we have learned we make use of, and then add some more experience to it


Hildisvíni, shield of Freyja

in the mother’s womb, we are securely guarded by the uterus, which is Hildisvini, the shield
Freyja guards us from conception and ever after in her universe


gods Óður Hænir and Lóður wait for each individual when he is born as a man for the first time, i.e. has gone through all his animal lives

what lies ahead is Óskópnir, that which is not yet created, and now our destiny is in our own hands, man!


©Jón – baby swimming lessons

the memory of how the seal swims in the sea without breathing is there for new-born babies that have, with all ease, fun in the swimming pool with their parents
they seem naturally to remember the waters!! and how to close the nostrils


ævi (life-spans) in a body are in phases, as it were, as that can be said to be a cycle:  the next one takes over from the one we close

we are ginnungagap, spiritual beings, who every now and the (some 4.000.000 times) make a body to live in

ævi ayus life-span


the cycles of Afrodita  —  afros is foam, sea-foam on the beach —  when she comes anew out of the sea, are perhaps these cycles of universes, coming and going

Freyja, too, is a space-time foam bubble  –   a universe

we have in Nerthus, Njörður, the perpetual renewal of life that originates in the sea, — life that is destined to head forward for the spiritual heights
—  which are portrayed in myths as snowy mountain-tops

Njörður our origin, we torn between him and Skaði, Skaði seeking the highest

Skaði seeks mountain-tops and the sun-god Baldur

she is a determined þurs-maiden !

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