Fenja and Menja

killed chicken

Fenja and Menja, the exploited slaves in Edda poem Gróttasöngur,

bear the names: she who is feathered (fön), and she who has fur (mön).
They work for man‘s greed, until all sinks.
This myth is pointing out our mal-treatment of living beings.

Every being is on its evolutionary path, and we should see them that way. Killing is a sin, no matter who is killed. He who enjoys the slavery and killing partakes in the sin of exploiting and harming.

Grotti, or Grótti, is the quern.

If some god named God is said to have said: I give you the animals of the prairie, then do not listen to that.  Mother Earth can take our wrong-doings and stupidity to a certain extent, but in the end she bursts. There are limits to her motherly tolerance of our (her bairn’s) stupidity.
A ring on cross-roads, or cross-roads in a ring:  Crosses are very very ancient marks.

ancient Celtic cross
ancient Celtic cross

In Gróttasöngur the lost golden ring simply waits for its owner to collect it.
No-one else takes it, due to abundance, no lack of goods.
Could the true owner be he who understands the profundity?


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