Váli Rindarson Óðinsson

Váli Rindarson Óðinsson
Váli Rindarson Óðinsson
Óðin's sons
Óðin’s sons

Váli Rindarson Óðinsson is the “hawk or morning”, the rising one, and awakening.
Rindur his mother is “the waters”
(her name said to be akin to Varuna and Uranos)

Óðinn his father consciousness.

Other sons of Óðinn in this cycle are Baldur, Höður, and Viðarr/Víðarr

Icelanders are lucky to understand all names,
and we also have good etymology-dictionaries, orðsifjar (orð-sifjar);
see one such by:  Ásgeir Blöndal Magnússon;
and I also like Nafnabókin (book of names) by Hermann Pálsson.

Names, their meaning and their origin tell half the story in myths and poems.

(A priest also wrote a book on names, but he is too fond of bible-names, and there are grammatical errors there.)

Icelandic joke (sarcastic):
Road-sign is called “a priest”:  points out the narrow road but never goes there himself.
He gets paid for this.

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