7 Right and/or Wrong

chatter 7 –  right wrong   —  symbolic language of myths and kvæði, allegory in god-spells

i am telling thee one thing:   we are ginnungagap

we are the great void, the womb of the universe, the Fullness, Truth, Eternity, Reality, Divinity.

Óðinn given to Óðinn, my self given to my Self (Hávamál vísa 138 and on) —    gnoþi seauton (know thyself)


Valkyrja serves Óðinn  –    she is an act, a performance, serving individual consciousness when we perform a fórn (fórnfæra means to bring, sacrifice);

sóa, sacrifice, són, and she serves her purpose: allow us to transcend to Ásgarður, the sphere of the gods, every day of our life

the spear is the weapon by which it is possible to open up for the flow of consciousness;
blood in myths is flow of living wisdom;
do not confuse “und” (wound) in myths with killing living men or real blood flowing;
weapons are mental faculties;
killing is killing ignorance in us


we gain skill in action, 9 galdra góða (innumerable good charms), the ability to heal and to still the huge seas (Hávamál)

this is practical science;
the most practical wisdom that can be found on earth;
our reverent forefathers knew even more than we now know and understand; but modern science is gradually revealing the truth in their wisdom;

the symbolic language actually saved the myths, god-spells and kvæði (poems);
had the ignorant men understood the profundity contained in them, they would have destroyed our priceless heritage


we do know that roots draw the sap, and without roots we wither away soon;


on the picture:  himnar;  heavens,  Ægir; the abyss of existence,
tilvistarkreppa: not knowing why we got born and what we live here for,
von: hope, trú: blind belief

but what we do not know is that we do not see the sap that should be drawn from the heavens (himnar) and the abyss (Ægir) into our life

in blindness of our own origin —  the divine essence and sap from there — we hope, and pray, and pretend to love;
some could even wait and wait for some “him” to come and fix all things —  some time in the future;
we might shovel darkness in the darkness and call it life;

believing and hoping that something will some time happen, leads us no-where;

Ægir and the heavens are easy to find, easy to live in daily life;  so go in for that right now, and divinity will be a natural thing in all our actions and thoughts


right and wrong often is some social rules;
the behavioural code is set by some men;  they might be serving their own egoistic purposes;

sometimes they hide behind a “Him” that has set the rules;  “He” becomes angry if they are not obeyed;
“He” might demand the hidden power-greedy men to kill the disobedient ones;

if such a device is used as a threat, even called god, it is definitely not god;

theocracy (literally means: god-power) is an institution, whose purpose is hidden behind some “Him”;
we should not, for example, undermine roman strategy; we had it in Europe some many years ago, and now it is found all over under other names, such as church


here Edda vé ása compares the free man, herself in this case, traveling to the unknown land, Iceland, fleeing from the evil king; she is looking into her future, enjoying free will as men do, her purpose to save the knowledge of our forefathers;

she compares that freedom of purpose to the obedient soldier, who has been brought up to kill, obey, die;
keeping an army is like feeding goats in order to slaughter them; wars are base human behaviour;

they are the opposite of Freyr, friður, frith, peace, and should not be;

avoid Fenrir to grow, and there we be no need of wars;
stop being greedy for other men´s land and wealth, and nature will care for our needs  — that is: if we pay her back by performing a valkyrja (transcending)


sometimes good men speak about right and wrong;
many a man sees the wisdom they are conveying;
but if he does not teach us the technique to transcend, then his words have only shallow superficial meaning for the ignorant one;
some might even start worshipping the man who speaks about divinity, as if he were god;

maybe this was not his intention, but other men might use this for their egoistic purposes and greed for power


perform thy valkyrja, and right action and good-quality thoughts will be the only things thou performest in life.

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