Valhöll – Valhalla – Enlightenment

Valhöll a living man´s enlightenment. New theory by Guðrún:

Valhöll - Valhalla - means returning home fully alive
Valhöll – Valhalla – means returning home fully alive
Valhöll Valhalla in fog
Valhöll Valhalla
in fog

I suppose a mix-up of our ancient tradition with imported theocracy to have men see Helia and Valhöll as the imported Hell and Heaven, but they used death of a body as a dead end and a threat.

What teachers (when I was a kid long ago) used to mock as “the kitchen in Valhöll”, is Andhrímnir Eldhrímnir Sæhrímnir, and- eld- sæ- being air fire water, from the 5 elements, höfuðskepnur (the main-created): space air fire water earth.

Living Valhöll means being pure, and now we see that the world is ruled by triguna, þursamegir iii, the 3 qualities of Nature.

We see that we are aloof from that beautiful – and sometimes overwhelming – dance of creation.

We should be taught in all schools and all homes that Valhöll is our goal, and teach us how to reach it.
As nobody seems to know, Óðsmál shall amend this flaw in education.

-How do we reach the goal to live Valhöll

-Learn to nýsa niður, transcend, thereby to lay Bifröst, layer by layer, until this bridge leads effortlessly and securely to Valhöll.

Óðinn transcends
Óðinn transcends

Val in Sanskrit can mean to return home. The only worthy state of conscious of man is enlightenment. Here we belong.

For the bridge Bifröst


Listen to pronunciation: Valhöll, Hel Helia, Andhrímnir Eldhrímnir Sæhrímnir, Bifröst Bilröst, nýsa niður

3 thoughts on “Valhöll – Valhalla – Enlightenment

  1. Joe 6. February, 2019 / 11:14

    I dont understand. Of course i just started following you. But i thought entry to Valhalla meant dying in battle. Earning you the right to feast amongs your ancestors and Odin.


    • Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir 6. February, 2019 / 14:46

      Hæ, Joe! Of course, as that is what is heard too often – Óðsmál, on the other hand, claim Valhöll as an after-life “place” to be a mix-up with churchian heaven for those who pay money to the church. – We heathens have our Hel, Helia, as a peaceful rest between life-spans for everyone – and we are born again and again. (–That one life-span only is a churchian invention to get a better grip on the mob.–) No Hell-punishment either for souls, as soul never suffers (and our dead bodies are simply recycled). – Óðinn is for us living men. We evoke his attributes in us. Einherjar are no zombies, they are living men who wage peace in consciousness to make a peaceful world.
      Thanks for the comment!
      (Note that “man” includes both genders: Askur and Embla man-trees on the shore; Norsemen includes women.)

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  2. Brian 2. August, 2022 / 05:21

    Ps any guess what ALU meant when it was written with Odinn and sleipnir on old coins?


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