Nýsa niður – transcend

Hávamál - nýsa niður - transcend thought and space-time - imbibe fimbulrúnir

Why would this nýsa niður (nose, spy, peep down) be told in past tense, nýsta ek niður (I peeped down)? And: fell ek aftur þaðan, I fell from there again?  That is because in the transcendence there is no thought. There is the great silence only, filled with power and know-how. That is what we imbibe here. Termed as fimbulrúnir. We can only talk about it when we are awake.
Little by little, in time, by regular practice of I given to my Self, we reach the purpose of human life-spans in Miðgarður: Purity, enlightenment, living Valhöll fully alive, more alive than ever.  First now we live a normal life of man.