Geri and Freki

Geri and Freki
Geri and Freki

In bed-time stories, our hero always seems to jump out of the wolf´s belly fully alive at the very end of the story. Somehow alive even if eaten by the big bad wolf.
That is just like we taking a break in Hel, Helia, the body is “thrown to the dogs“, and we are reborn – over and over again, as soul always lives and never preishes –  Önd skal lifa og aldreigi deyja.

Hel / Helia
Hel / Helia

Our beloved Hel, half blue, a peaceful coffee-break between life-spans
(life-span is ævi in Icelandic, life is líf).

गर gara  who swallows
वृक vríka  who tears, a wolf,  वृक् vrík catch

For Sanskrit origin of terms and names in Norse-Germanic Mythology, we thank research from Keshava Deva Shastri and Christian Andreas Holmboe.

Kjöt gefur hann greyjum sínum (meat he gives to his dogs/wolves)
en við vín eitt æ unir  (but by the wine(/flow) of wisdom forever he enjoys).
(Note: to change water to wine in myths: the common element water is in the world, the mythical wine is a flow of knowledge; blood and wine are symbolic for the inner flow, as Greek Αλφειός Ποταμός Alfeios Potamos    (see also “Elves álfar”))

Geri and Freki
Geri and Freki

Geri and Freki, the voracious and the tearer (from Sanskrit gara vrika).
They get meat, while Alföður receives nourishment from the flow of life, divine wine, alone.
This meat “going to the dogs” is bodies no longer in use. Recycled Gungnis-stuff.
No regret. We shall make a brand new one whenever we need.
We do that, life-span after life-span, as it is the easiest and most natural undertaking ever.
Our bodies are made of instable Gungnir, anyway. Our bodies are changing all our life-time (ævi, life-span). The unchangeable is we ourselves who wear these beautiful bodies.
We call them the shrine of the soul, as in Miðgarður we evolve spiritually. That is what the whole game of living is for.  Do we know?
Only as living men on earth can we go on on our evolutionary path.
Let us  hope that all men know this.
Óðsmál educates.


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