Valhöll, Valhalla, means returning home fully alive

sanskrit val
sanskrit val

Valhöll is the place for the enlightened men walking on earth.
Fully alive we reach Valhöll. Here we have “returned home“, at last, to where man really belongs. First now we can bear the name “man”.

The fastest way to enlightenment, Valhöll, is to lay the bridge Bifröst, or Bilröst, layer by layer, all our life-time. That we do by nýsa niður, transcend to the origin of thought, our innermost.

Valhöll in fog
Valhöll in fog

For many a man, Valhöll is somewhere in the fog – due to lack of proper education about life and our purpose. Óðsmál shall amend that flaw in education.

By all means avoid mix-ups of concepts. Later-time “obedience-tools”, made by Churchianity, should not be confused with our ancient knowledge. Post-natus, born-later (invented) becomes English: puny.

Djöfsi - devil
Djöfsi – devil

Puny is Churchianity´s Heaven for “dead obedient” and Hell for “dead disobedient”. Do not undermine Roman strategy. Perhaps it has brain-washed us?

Our Valhöll is for living einherjar,
our Hel / Helia, is the peaceful rest, or coffee-break between life-spans, for the undying soul.

Know: Soul suffers not. Soul never dies, and is never born.

“Val” has several meanings in Icelandic, can mean “a choice”
(but mind thee: there are not “the chosen” (by someone else) – everything is our choice),
valur is a hawk,
falla í valinn means to die, in bed or on the battlefield, or in a car-accident,
but the Sanskrit meaning of val — come, hasten, further, return home — is most likely the original here in the name Valhöll.

For Sanskrit-OldNorse see works by Keshava Deva Shastry and Christian Andreas Holmboe

Everything in Valhöll indicates the heightened state of living men.

The elements are in the universe, not in Hel:

Andhrímnir Eldhrímnir Sæhrímnir -vata pitta kapha
Andhrímnir Eldhrímnir Sæhrímnir
vata pitta kapha
Andhrímnir Eldhrímnir Sæhrímnir from the five elements (physics)
Andhrímnir Eldhrímnir Sæhrímnir from the five elements (physics)
Andhrímnir Eldhrímnir Sæhrímnir
Andhrímnir Eldhrímnir Sæhrímnir
The cook and the pot and the boar: air – fire – waters

The cook and the pot and the boar:   air – fire – waters
Andhrímnir, Eldhrímnir and Sæhrímnir

Vopnum reft er þak, brynjum á bekki stráð in Valhöll.
Weapons are used to support the roof, war-armour is now scattered on benches –  as here peace prevails.

Einherjar do not fight with weapons. They wage peace on earth in consciousness.
Einherjar are enlightened living men.

(see “The Maharishi Effect” for waging peace in consciousness)

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