Rán and Ægir

Be careful: gods and other powers in myths are not guys and dolls as we are.
Ægir is the unfathomable abyss of existence. Pure existence, pure consciousness.
Rán (pronounce Raun), his consort, Ægis wife, is the all-perfect orderliness in Ægir,
— orderliness which is mirrored into all universes, and here again mirrored into our life in Miðgarður, AND in us !!–
The all-pervading flawless order of natural law.

Ægir (capitalized) is this ocean-deity, in whom we live, AND who we are.
He is no “He” outside of us, but we are, in core and essence, this unfathomable eternity symbolized as ocean.
Termed in our myths as Ægir.

But note that ægir is also not capitalized:

ægir1 stem sea

ægir2 stem  –   as in ægishjálmur (ægis-hjálmur /-helm) and ægisskjöldur (ægis-skjöldur /shield) the rune to protect us against potential threats); hjálmur a helmet (casco), skjöldur a shield.
This ægir is an “ógn” (something threatening).

Note (amusing grammar):. ægis is genitive case of ægir. The –r in nominative drops off as the stem is ægi, found in accusative case – Icelandic grammar – quite a headache.

Rán (capitalized) is not the same as rán, which is another word.  Be careful when foreign parrot-translators (“degree”-scholars too) look up rán (not capitalized) and get robbery. This is not the same word as Rán, etymologically: perfect orderliness.