Science of Consciousness

Our reverent forefathers possessed Science of Consciousness

We know not what Science of Consciousness is, as we have only been taught religions. Religions are mostly about obedience and confessing belief, wrapped up in jargon of what might be explained as spirituality, spiced by threats.
Our ancient traditions contain pure spirituality, are concerned about purpose of human life-spans. They are completely useless as a tool to rule and dominate. And they are not about money-making and world-empires.
Simply: we are consciousness. Our individual consciousness in a body we make, lives in Miðgarður. As our senses register the ever-flickering Gungnir (vibrations) in the universe, we tend to forget that we are still this consciousness. To regain this memory, we understand anew our spiritual traditions.
So: we live life – and – contact inner consciousness twice daily. Nýsum niður (we transcend thought and space-time). Memory will be regained.