Lord Freyr

Our Vanaguð herra (/Lord) Freyr cares for our worldly needs. He also wants us to get the greatest divine nourishment, that which is even more vital to life than food. We find that in lognfara lundur Barri (/the peaceful grove of evergreens) Gerður in Gymisgarðar knows this here deep inside.
(–Edda poem Skírnismál–).
Vanaguð are all for peace and prosperity. We know that wars mean destruction, stress, death, and lack of food.
There was never any army of Vanir. Some misreading in Völuspá, and perhaps other poems and myths, was the unfortunate cause of this stupid story.

But, as we know, agriculture needs defence.
Murugan had martial arts to defend the agriculture from grazing animals and hunters-gatherers.(see on youtube Tamil research Chintanaiyalar Peravai).