5 Óðinn Go Often to Óðinn

chatter 5  – Óðinn go often to Óðinn   – far að finna oft    —  symbolic language of myths and kvæði, allegory in god-spells

i am telling thee one thing:   we are ginnungagap

we are the great void, the womb of the universe, the Fullness, Truth, Eternity, Reality, Divinity.

Óðinn given to Óðinn, my self given to my Self (Hávamál vísa 138 and on) —    gnoþi seauton (know thyself)


I given to myself, fórn (færa, to bring), the individuality sacrificed, becoming Óðinn alheimsvitund (universal consciousness) only; the transcendental self-referral state;
Óðinn (individual consciousness) and Óðinn (universal consciousness) are one, not two;

we have to culture our Sleipnir, nervous system, to glide with ease “home” to Ásgarður and back to the world  –  all our life


þá mun Vilbjörg vaka, means the liberation from the bonds of matter, —  not by refusing it, but by seeing how completely detached it is from the real me (consciousness)

Vilbjörg is in the feast at Ægis, Ægir the unbounded abyss of existence;

at Ægis means the self-referral state, and we lose bonds to the objects of the senses (material);

it is, as it were, a complete loss, and, at the same time: gaining everything

at Ægis we do not think, but gradually, by practicing, we gain fimbulrúnir, góða galdra 9, “see” as Sága


man´s consciousness expands in Glaðheimar (unbounded wideness, gladness), and we become purer, purified;

thoughts start to be cognized as they get born in the abyss, and become spontaneously right longings;

those who are cut off from the inner divinity, perceive thoughts when they have developed as far as being irresistible, they may be wrongness, and we, in the state of ignorance, become their slaves

remember: contact with brahman is joy, and very practical in life
re-invigorates us, yields power for right actions


so we take to the daily routine of TM twice a day;
wake up fresh;
work healthily;
sleep well

this brings good health, peace of mind, prosperity, abundance, evolution of the individual, and peace to surroundings and societies   —    easy, and free of charge


in Hávamál (vísa 138 and on) we hear that in the transcendence there is
no time (9 nights),
no bodily needs as the whole body relaxes to almost only an even flow of breath (á hleifi mig né sældu né hornigi),
and we nourish ourselves, nam ek upp fimbulrúnir, which have the strength of the field of total natural law, the gods;

we fall from there again (from transcendence to thoughts again), only to take another dive inwards  —   for the time of practising the easy technique  (TM®)


transcending, to nýsa niður, is not in time   –  as all is here and now

nýsa niður (transcend) to the very source of thought

here we release stress from the nervous system,

due to that irritation fall from there again into thoughts
–  but  –
we have imbibed fimbulrúnir, skill in action in life, to do always the right and evolutionary



we have imbibed the perfect orderliness of Rán in Ægir into our whole physiology;

only by living in a body we can evolve – and we need this nourishment and calmness,

taking a break from triguna, þursamegir III, rulers of the world


when we are working, on the other hand, we should do our job (or studies) properly and with alertness;   daydreaming can have its uses to get ideas to perform, but sloth does not get things going


we can clean our body with water  (-here we see Edda vé ása in her geothermal waterfall-)

but our body-cells need to be purified by our coming out of the field of the 3-guna (the 3 qualities of mother nature, þursamegir III, those all-powerful rulers of the created world)


and we should be careful when it comes to institutions that send out men to sell or give us some passport to heaven in their names

these path-to-god and will-of-god denominations might be worldly empires in the guise of philanthropy (filo love, anþropos man)
they are really in the control-business


these institutions give money to some – but that gift has a hidden purpose;
and they can sneak into the pockets of their sheep; sheep have no other choice than to be eaten;

some institutions are money-sucking contraptions, and use that money for their expansion and sovereignty


the sun, goddess Sun, is in our brain, really in us, and we do not have to buy her for money;

we only have to learn how to have her shine in our life;
when we have that, we have supreme hamingja
(hamin; hemja means to encompass and master,
hamin sæla of Sól: grasped bliss of goddess Sun)


Óðinn has to conquer Óðinn, higher Self should conquer individual self, and individual self should conquer universal Self;

there is no enemy of thine other than thyself;
there is no enemy of mine other than myself;
when we have thus conquered ourselves, we are invincible, unconquerable  —  no enemy gets born


Antony Nader, MD PhD, Beirut, maharaja Raam of vishva shanti rastram (Global Country of World Peace) has discovered in our brain our cosmic counterparts;
this is the new medicine of holistic ways to healing, —  from the very basis of our existence;

parts of our brain, our planets, our gods, and the names of the week-days,  all correlate


we are ginnungagap, and we make our body of material, in order to live an ævi (life-span);

the purpose of life is expansion of happiness, and evolution;

perhaps we do not know?
-why do we not know?
-because nobody told us,  hmmmm?   Has education, and so-called spiritual institutions, completely failed us !!!



skjót um öxl því er þér atalt þykir, heathen men say (throw away difficulties);
we would never carry burdens, neither for ourselves, nor for others, as burdens are absolutely unnecessary stuff;  do not put it on the laps of some god, as that lap-phenomenon would not be a god


mood-making, pretending to be holy, produces strain;  we are not true if we pretend to be something that we are not;

the only way to purify ourselves is to gain the wisdom in the self-referral state, where total natural law abide:
(Óðinn knowledge, Vili seeking knowledge or the process of trying to understand, and Véi what we find in the pure state of consciousness: knowledge, our Self)

this is how we create a healthy body and a purer and purer mind


Valhöll is for living men;
to meet Óðinn is the act of fórn (bring), sacrifice of individuality, the performance of valkyrja

(valkyrja serves consciousness, a maid serving Óðinn in Valhöll; valkyrja serves us on our daily trip to Ásgarður, i.e. transcending)


transcending is easy, as we are going home;
we came from there (pure consciousness) in the first place, —  at conception that leads to birth, so it is easy to go home — both ways;

we do not see ginnungagap with our worldly eyes;
the trouble is that we make eyes, we make a nervous system, and then we see ourselves as individuals, and see others as other individuals;

we forget, thus, that we are brahman


ignorance, stress, filth, gruggur, accumulates  —  becoming a vicious cycle as we see less and less because of accumulated stress in our cells;

we become blind to our very existence!!  —  we take to tricky means and call it spirituality, but it is not


blind belief can be very persistent and relentless;
belief is an all-worldly phenomenon;
we could cling to it as if it were to be trusted;
we have to hold with all force, and dare not loosen the grip
we label ourselves to something all-worldly and fallible, prone to duality
(institutions, atheism, doubt;
someone said:  does doubt exist?? (smile))


it is not so that we are because we think; his was a wrong conclusion
we think because we are.

our mind, our thought in a windless place, í lognfara lundi Barra, has its origin in the unified field, just like all other created matter/energy

as easily as the world comes to be, and we come to be, so easily we can transcend it, take a trip home.

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