Auðumbla, Líf and Lífþrasir


Pronounce Euth-eumbla (with accent on the 1st syllable as always in Icelandic (not Au-Doombla, please!). Umbla can be the same word as humble, also found in Hamlet. Could mean without horns, polled.

Life just is, death exists not.
Life is not born, it simply is. Our life-giving cow just is. Shows up wherever.

Líf and Lífþrasir are life which never dies.
They are not just one guy and one girl over-living (surviving) ragnarök, but all of us, as we die not   –  not even if our universe collapses.

Troða halir helveg, means: men walk the way to Helia,
which, in turn, means a coffee break in peace between life-spans (ævi).
That will be a must for us men, obviously, if our universe is not any more for us.

Önd skal lifa og aldreigi deyja, soul shall live and never die.
Life simply is, and death exists not.

In the world of our instable Gungnir, there is only change, not death.


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