20 Geri and Freki, jötnar, Hel

chatter 20    Geri and Freki    jötnar   Helia (Hel)   —  symbolic language of myths and kvæði, allegory in god-spells

i am telling thee one thing:   we are ginnungagap

we are the great void, the womb of the universe, the Fullness, Truth, Eternity, Reality, Divinity.

Óðinn given to Óðinn, my self given to my Self  (Hávamál vísa 138 and on) —  gnoþi seauton (know thyself)


Helia, or Hel, is a coffee-brake between life-spans
(–life-span is ævi in Icelandic, ayus in Sanskrit–)

we leave the body for a while when we transcend, and the body-cells are alive and resting in alertness
when we die to leave the body in the world, and go ourselves to Helia, then the body gets recycled, just as all other matter

our body is changing all our life-span anyway, so nothing in it is stable, all ingoing and outgoing stuff all the time
we know this, don’t we?

we cannot identify ourselves with our bodies, because they are of unstable ever-changing particles,
not real at all!!!


there should be no sorrow in dying  –  as death exists not

it is only the body that “dies”  –   it was, all the time, of the material of the world
we lived in it, but we cannot do so for ever and ever  —  it gets worn as other garments

in the autumn the leaves fade and fall off, and in spring the sap makes some new ones
new moon and waning moon, and it is always the same moon
the sun sets, and it is the same sun that rises the next morning when mother earth’s surface turns us that way – towards east


we are ginnungagap, so we should not worry  –  it is eternity


the honey-mead, the flow of consciousness, is in us all our life
we should life a spiritual life (perform a valkyrja every our day) and enjoy abundance and perfect health —  as a by-product there of  —  in our material life on earth


so what do Geri and Freki eat?
greyjum sínum (to his dogs) Valföður gives meat


tröll are our ignorance, and must be beaten
þursar are old useless evolutionary stages, past, now useless, and must be gotten rid of;
jötnar are working for the recycling department, as they eat material. recycle stuff

this is a necessity, as we must re-use what has been created as an experiment, but turns out to be of no use

so Óðinn Vili Véi and jötnar form a cycle:  creation of something and recycling of surplus matter, because only that which is perfect has come to stay
anything not perfect has to go


a zipper for the hero

the hero, in all our bed-time stories (myths in the guise of innocent entertainment) always jumps fully alive out of the big bad wolf’s tommy when it is opened by fate and destiny



jötnar, eotens, are corrosiveness, free radicals, rust, mould, the withering-process caused by light and air, and we know that all material is unstable from the very quarks of which it is, as we cannot pin-point them even by our elaborate devices of science and man’s curiosity


but that which is perfect, siddhi, is meant to stay  –  jötnar eat it not

siður is all about Truth, so is can never get completely lost, even if it hibernates (Sleeping Beauty, Brynhildur valkyrja) during the dark ages, kali yuga

vor forni siður (our ancient tradition) is sanatana dharma, the ever-lasting siður  —  it is aksaya, that which does not decay


force- and threat-conversion (picture in a French magazine; ©Alain)

force-conversion, threat-imposed religions, are strong empires
they invent dogmas on “one life-span only” (meant as a pressure of time to repent and pay money)

they always use (borrow, steal, abuse) some of the visible surface of heathen ancient wisdom in the world, but have replaced the core with things and doctrines that serve the empirical intentions of institutional religions and denominations they call the will of God



jötnar are a necessity in the cycles in the world;  we cannot fill the world with that stuff we make
there has to be the cleaning-up-department and the recycling office



jyotish means light


Helia, Hel, is the womb and the tomb
when the tomb is empty in myths, then the man has been reborn

in the easter egg there is a surprise, an egg is the same mystery as is Helia

Ester is the deity of spring; perhaps personified as a 13 years old girl, wearing a yellow dress  –  not a woman, not a child, but something of an innocent promise of something to come!

helgi (holiness), hula (a cover to hide something out of sight), hola (hole, hollow), and other words are connected to the mystery of death from a body and the birth to a new body


Urður (doings) Verðandi (a process of the natural law of action and reaction) and Skuld (debt, duty, karma coming back) have a lot to do with this pause between life-spans in the holy peaceful Helia,

—   just like they play the same role in each ævi of ours on the vivacious worldly battlefield of life, Vígríðarslétta

(see chatter 23 for Urður Verðandi Skuld)

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be Þór and batter tröll (trolls) of ignorance, using the su-asti-ka Mjöllnir, letting in the rays of goddess Sun where she rises in our life


           rune hagall

the rune of Hel is very cold; all calmness and holiness;
width, something hidden from us, coldness, iciness, frostiness  — and bright cold light is her abode
—  and she is the goodness of nothingness

we can die into a mountain, and we should trust Helia well, because we have no bodily needs there, and our real self is in her safe keeping
—  until we decide to leave her hotel of hospitality and start on our next ævi on our search for the supreme
__we__ chose place and time and parents according to our Skuld


Freyja guards us, Brísingamen, mankind, with love and care when we choose to live as men in a body  –  in the universe, Freyja the space-time bubble

that we do whenever we wish to be born to our karma (Skuld) and go on on our individually different paths of evolution

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