Þund Cycles

Þund – heilög vötn hlóa   (“holy waters boil“)

Everything is evolving, swelling, blossoming  –  the nature of life is to blossom.

nýsa niður cycle
nýsa niður cycle

A cycle  –   nýsa niður into the abyss within, falla aftur þaðan (fall from there again) into thoughts –  having imbibed fimbulrúnir (skill in action in the world).

Nýsa niður – transcend thought, and space-time,
come to the source of thought, our pure Self, our pure consciousness
( = Ásgarður, Ægir, lognfara lundur Barri, Hnitbjörg….. )
when accumulated old stress gets released in this perfect silence and unboundedness,
Sleipnir, our nervous system, is tickeled,
with the conscquences that we fall from there again – into thoughts
(do not pay attention to these thoughts, as attention is not needed here, only the „let go“)
so: let go
and we transcend again.
This is how we imbibe noursihment and fimbulrúnir
The easiest act in Miðgarður of men.
This cycle is automatic as mind, by its own nature, seeks bliss – and finds it here.
Just learn the easy natural technique to let go.    (see tm.org for learning)

Why rivers are a cycle:
Þund is one of many rivers in Norse mythology – and they all have names. Meaningful names.
Rivers flow to the ocean,
the surface of the ocean evaporates
and forms clouds,
who are blown to mountain-tops,
where they become rain and snow.
Waterbeds are formed,
and brooks.
brooks and rivers flow to the ocean.

These cycles uphold evolutions. Without water there is no vegetation growing.
Cycles in myths are not mere circles, they are what upholds evolution.
The ocean can be The Abyss of Waters, Ægir, without which nothing can be.
We transcend, i.e. nýsum niðurfall from there again, now nourished, and that is an evolutionary cycle.
The world is all cycles, nourishing and upholding cycles.

Our rivers  – with meaningful names:

Slíður Ífing Síð Víð Sækin Eikin Svöl Gunnþró Fjörm Fimbulþul Rín Rennandi Gipul Göpul Gömul Geirvimul Þyn Vin Þöll Höll Gráð Gunnþorin Vína Vegsvinn Þjóðnuma Nyt Nöt Nönn Hrönn Slíð Hríð Sylgur Ylgur Víð Ván Vönd Strönd Gjöll Leiftur Körmt Örmt and Kerlaugar tvær  – heilög vötn hlóa.

This was fun  !

I wonder what they do, each one of them, hmmmm?

Same Þund cycles on Youtube