Nýsa niður and Fimbulrúnir

Óðsmál tells us why we have chosen to be born.
We might not even know that we chose to be born, the less how we did that.

Be careful with labels  – as they might make us stupid and narrow-minded when the profound understanding is lacking.

And where do we find that unseen profound understanding?
That is to say: if there is any !   I have not met it in the streets, nor seen it on mountain-tops.
Can I not just rely on my top IQ intelligence and quick learning ability?

Be careful not to worship a man. That might retard our own spiritual evolution.
Be careful when choosing some all-worldly belief. Can it be trusted?

Our 5 senses incessantly entertain our brain with Gungnir of the 5 elements.
And we have the þursamegir III (triguna), 3 qualities of Nature, dancing in the world  –   and they are bossy, believe me!


We shall take a break from them daily.
That we do by nýsa niður.

týr á meiði - TM
týr á meiði – TM
our body is made of Gungnir
our body is made of Gungnir

By nýsa niður, transcend the sphere of thought, transcend Nature herself, we gain fimbulrúnir and galdrar góðir (good galdur), which is the skill in action in the world of men.


nýsta ek niður निस्थ
nýsta ek niður निस्थ

Note the Sanskrit word ni-stha, standing firm in ”That”, in context to nýsta ek niður, to transcend, in Hávamál, the part of wisdom, all about being grounded in “That”.

We are on our evolutionary path towards perfection, purity.
We are on our evolutionary path towards perfection, purity.

We heighten our state of consciousness, purify ourselves.
This is what human life-spans are for.

They do not come canned.
We have to fetch them ourselves in our innermost.  –  The perfection.
They are skill in action in Miðgarður, actions always in flow with natural law.
Right and evolutionary actions.

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