11 Bringing Up Kids

chatter 11  longings have to flow freely  —   bringing up bairns   —  symbolic language of myths and kvæði, allegory in god-spells

i am telling thee one thing:   we are ginnungagap

we are the great void, the womb of the universe, the Fullness, Truth, Eternity, Reality, Divinity.

Óðinn given to Óðinn, my self given to my Self (Hávamál vísa 138 and on) —  gnoþi seauton (know thyself)


artist: Halldór Pétursson

dogs are happy to obey orders from wolf-pack-leader (man in this case)

animals live according to their nature
so do we   (be it base nature or exalted stages of manhood)

each bairn (child, kid, baby) is a human being, with an evolved human nervous system Sleipnir, therefore able to transcend

— and man has free will…..

…..has to be taught to use his free will wisely, and should not be brought up like a dog;


pecking order belongs to our pack-animal lives, and should not be in human lives
but, alas!, we find it all the time in human societies

plus the mistake to think that we can coax animals and kill them at will as we are superior to them  (or we are told that and taught so by some institutions)

this our superiority and supremacy brings responsibility to man;
animals depend on our behaviour in the world
if we are wise their well-being is secured, if we are not wise they suffer;


when we bring up a bairn, we are responsible for their first steps in this their ævi (life-span), and this is a task of responsibility given to us

a bairn that is brought up in insecurity, mental conflicts, lack of spiritual performing of valkyrja, suffers

a bairn is an integrated individual, — has in him/her the orderliness of the laws of nature —  if he/she is brought up in sound environments by loving and caring truly-spiritual parents

(i did not say religious, as that might be a bunch of social rules that make strain and mental conflicts  –  strict belief and god-obedience, even fear of some god, renders children frigid, not good and sublime)

later in life, a spiritual and balanced individual will be attracted to good people, will seek the highest, and will make the world better for all living creatures;


if we are afraid of being punished, then we start to hide and lie;

we might learn from the harshness in the world, that telling the truth does not pay off, but making a false image and show-off is the good currency among lousy people

food, air, water, love, are ours, they are a present form nature, our birth-right is to have these necessities in life;

nobody can “use” (abuse) these our gifts from nature, depriving us from the right to have them, as any mental violence and threat, a device to control
— nature will not allow that unrighteousness for long;
yet some try to deprive bairns of their needs and fulfilment of desire, threatening, or actually deprive them of fulfilled longings, in order to manipulate and control them
— they do this to their off-springs that deserve all goodness only from their parents and teachers


parents’ role is not to teach us how to obey   —   on the contrary, they should teach us how to be all responsible for our longings, acts, words, desires, behaviour;

violence always breeds violence, and to maintain harsh and stupid rules we have to use power;
power corrupts and the one who is subdued and suppressed becomes sad and miserable…

….. and, even worse: does not know how to live a life as a free man

later in life his pattern will be that of winning-loosing, coaxing others or let others rule over him  –  obedient dogs, flattering dogs, or racing for the top of the pecking order

that individual mixes up love and power, is stuck in the pecking order that men should rid themselves of  —   if they want to bear the name: a man


they should be for the blessing of the bairn, and should not be to let the bairns fit into the life-pattern of the grown-ups;
bairns do not get born to fit into other men’s life, but to learn to live their own life

good emotions, healthy food, love, security, balanced atmosphere, acting uprightly, truthfulness, all are aspects of a home of good people  —  and animals
sometimes baby-animals have more emotional security than a baby-man does
mother-love is the nature of a mother, but base men (parents) might be love-less, cold and egoistic, even if they have all material values at hand

violence breeds violence;
those who use violence expose their base stage of evolution


longings and desire must flow freely, and each one should know his desire

we can guide young bairns by speaking to them, teach them, and above all teach them how to contact the innermost field of life by performing a valkyrja every day

by an exalted state of an individual, purer thoughts and good-quality longings are enjoyed spontaneously, effortlessly, naturally  —   as we act according to our (now purer) nature

longings are a necessity in life;  life without an aim and desire is dull
but to have them evolutionary only, we must heighten our state of consciousness;
this we do by transcending, purifying ourselves, becoming of a refined nature…

… because we always act according to our nature;


the clash of desire is bad;   everyone should have his free desire flowing;

we get angry if we cannot reach our goal;
we have to find the great flow of the universe, Þund, dharma (that which upholds), in order to act according to the laws of nature, the gods;

natural law runs the entire universe flawlessly, and they work for us if we find the magnificent and majestic power in the field of total natural law

this field is within us  —   know that  —  and easy to contact by an easy natural technique that we can learn


if we cannot fulfil our desire, we become miserable and feel a great lack inside
we got born to our life to do in life what we have to do

Urður Verðandi and Skuld (see chatter 23) have helped us to be born in the “right” place and time for our next step on our individual evolutionary path;

we have to live this life;   we cannot live the life of another man;  that brings danger;


artist Halldór Pétursson

stupid mothers have Grýla, a threat, as to say to bairns that Grýla will catch them cook them eat them if they do not obey the rules of the grown-ups

unfortunately santa claus is also used as such a grýla in December by some stupid parents:
that which should be all joy and looking-forward-to  —  the blessed yule, the tide of blessings and peace and love — becomes a tool, a device, for obedience of stupid man-made egoistic rules
santa gives sweets in the shoe in the window-sill to the obedient,
but a raw potato to those who have a free will, their own longings, and go for that

that is an ugly story

a beautiful story goes:  The little girl got a raw potato in the shoe as her mother was bad-tempered that evening. When the little girl woke up she saw the potato, took it to her mother and said: -Look, mamma, what he gave me! A potato! Can you please cook it, and see to that it does not get mixed with the ordinary potatoes.

At yule-tide, Óðinn as Jólnir rides over the sky  —  on his pony or his reindeer-sledge — to chase away wights of cold and darkness.  Bairns carry out grains and hay to feed his pony or reindeers. Bairns help.  They give.  This is a real yule-present:  to give
not this asking for a gift /or gifts,  — that which bairns do in some places now-a-days: a wish-list to santa for my egoistic purposes


we are ginnungagap,
we live an individual life in a body,
the purpose of life is to evolve and seek the supreme happiness

grown-ups should aid those in the little bodies

bairns might even be more intelligent, and on a higher state of consciousness, than the grown-ups around them!

we know, deep inside, what we want to do, what we have to do, and we get born to that
it is our personal evolution:  the next steps on the road to Valhöll (in this ævi (life-span) or some of the next ones)
we should use every ævi wisely;


so we perform a valkyrja all our life  –  nýsa niður    –    hanging/pending on the life-tree, in the nothingness of total loss of the worldly (out of the sphere of the 3-guna of nature (see chatter 23, sattva rajas tamah), þursamegir III);

the family together to nýsa niður, is even best !

transcending  —  kindling the fire of knowledge, Ullur —  is the only way out of the 3-guna-field, the only way out of the cycle of:
* impression of actions and happenings, * the new desire fuelled by base seeds of memory, and * the next action that leads to * a new impression on us …  etc … (see chatter 3, the vicious circle; and the thorn of sleep (Brynhildur valkyrja sleeping) and Ullur (fire of knowledge))

this is the ancient wisdom of our reverent forefathers
it has been lost and trodden on during the dark ages, but now we are re-gaining the profound understanding of their Weltanschauung, of the purpose of life;  re-discovering the treasure that is ours – re-gaining our spiritual heritage

Valhöll, where we are heading,
the shortcut to that exalted state is performing TM, nýsa niður, all our life

we go from the misery and little fleeting joys to the palace, where there is abundance, pure desires, and responsibility

in palaces there is responsibility   —   einherjar are responsible for heightening the consciousness of the whole of society, –  nothing less than that

their intentions and desires are of the highest quality, and they live for the good for others, not for egoistic purposes and selfishness


life starts to go our way when we become purer;
our intentions, longings, actions, are of a high quality, have the support of the laws of nature, the gods, so we need not worry;


the ups and downs of life  (the “rutsiban”; see chatter 1)

as when we are in the hands of the vicious cycle,
the ups and downs are no longer there

little joys in the world always have their opposite: sorrow
they will be the cause of sorrow when we lose them;
the world is all change;  the only thing we can rely on in the matter-energy field is that perpetual change !!!



and the ways of actions are unfathomable, gahana karmano gatih, unfathomable is the course of action, says Krishna in Sanskrit

maybe our forefathers were telling us this in their priceless art-pieces?

note: this was stolen by the church and changed to ways of their god
we have control over action alone, never over their fruits, so we are careful about actions but do not live for the tricky worldly business of the longed-for results  —  even if they were our motive as desires in the first place

right actions have support of Þund, dharma,
base actions are useless
Urður Verðandi and Skuld (duty, debt) are too complicated for us to figure out  –  the ways of actions are unfathomable


we live in the eternal wheels which carry us onwards

—  if we cross over all evil by the raft of knowledge, then wheels (yule) carry us safely and fast

let us always perform actions that are evolution-supporting
by the raft of wisdom we can cross over all huge seas of sins and evil


as a seed or a nut  —   we reap as we deserve  —
our former doings, actions, deeds, thoughts, sprout in our life (/lives) when time has come

what comes to us is our karma (doings);
we can avoid the danger that has not yet come by performing a yagya, heyam dukham anagatam

and the best thing is to perform a valkyrja every day
then our doings will be of a purer nature bringing back some pure fruit of action in due time.

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