Equinox Cycles

We shall live in tune with the cycles of Mother Nature

Every year, we have summer-solstice, yule, and equinoces (spring and autumn).. Note that south of equator they are opposite to those north of equator. We should prepare for a höfuðblót (höfuð-blót, main-blót) on these occasions.

If we are alone, we can simply sit out in Nature and feel Her cycles, which really influence our body and mind: Seasonal changes in Nature and in us.

Freyr wants us to enjoy bounty, but also reminds us of our innermost divine part, found in lognfara lundur Barri – according to Skírnismál Edda poem.

We should understand the þeosofical and spiritual message of his poem.

Skírnismál, perhaps performed by our kids, is most appropriate for a blót.

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