Huginn and Muninn

Huginn and Muninn - yogin and munih - are enlightened men who dwell with Óðinn. Do not take them literally for mind and memory

Etymology in Icelandic is all fun, as it reveals that terms and names are trickier than seems at first glance. Do not imagine that thou knowest everything when thou knowest a little bit.

Little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

And myths and poems have layers of understanding. Perhaps as to meet the requirements of men on different states of consciousness, different stages of understanding.

In heathenry there is no right or wrong, but anyone can enjoy our myths and poems on his level.
I recommend, though, that we do not take them literally as some laughing matter. That trap is really ridiculous.

A foreign scholar claims Óðinn to be afraid of getting old-age loss of memory /Alzheimer’s?). He assumes that Óðinn has a human brain, also forgetting that gods have apples of Iðunn for eternal youth, and are not guys and dolls.

Little knowledge is a dangerous thing.