Gerður in Gymisgarðar

Gerður in Gymsigarðar - Gerður is mankind

Gerður in Gymisgarðar living material life only, is as mankind in ignorance.

We shall rediscover the true purpose of life – through our Edda poems and myths. They convey all about human life in Miðgarður.

We shake off brain-washing, misinterpretations, and conditioning (and imprinted lies), and start living our own life.
Living the life of others brings danger to our path.

And, by all means, completely skip (expensive, man-made) intermediaries !
From me to me is no distance, but right here within, and free of charge.

Little joys and little worries (–oh, I got no likes on my selfie!!–) are only surface waves of life.

Freyr wants us to enjoy abundance, but he is worried about our all-material life-style.
To amend that lack of foundation in life, we transcend thought and space-time, to meet our inner divine part in lognfara lundur Barri.
(logn-fara; the calm grove of evergreens).

That “place” is within.

Skírnismál can be performed at blót if we want. Kids are really good at that.

Script of Edda-poem available FREE