Gerður in Gymisgarðar

Gerður in Gymsigarðar - Gerður is mankind

We shall rediscover the true purpose of life – through our Edda poems and myths. They convey all about human life in Miðgarður. We shake off brain-washing and conditioning (imprinted lies), and start living our own life. Living the life of others brings danger to our path. And, by all means, completely skip (expensive, man-made) intermediaries. From me to me is no distance, but right here within, and free of charge.
Little joys and little worries (–oh, I got no likes on my selfie!!–) are only surface waves of life.
Freyr wants us to enjoy abundance, but he is worried about our all-material life-style. To amend that lack of foundation in life, we transcend thought and space-time, to meet our inner divine part in lognfara lundur Barri (the calm grove of evergreens). That “place” is within.
Skírnismál can be performed at blót if we want. Kids are really good at that.