Hanging on Vingameiður

Óðinn transcends
Óðinn transcends
Hanging on vingameiður
Hanging on vingameiður

Hanging on vingameiður, is pending in nothingness, in the middle of no-where. Here mind is given the chance to plunge into the abyss, our very consciousness completely pure.
We need a delicate technique to give mind this chance of hanging on vingameiður.
That we shall learn.
(TM-technique is easy, natural, works immediately and ever after, effortless,
not boring as mind prefers bliss to thoughts,
delicate, and we learn not to disturb the all-automatic flow inwards.
No obstacle whatsoever.
— svajamdatta  svajam datta:  sjálfur gefinn sjálfum sér  –  translated as “un-created” —
is: I given to myself, my self given to my Self.
We transcend,
by that, deep old stresses get released,
by that Sleipnir, our nervous system, is tickled, gets irritated,
by that mind starts thinking again.
This is called:  fall from there again, falla aftur þaðan (into thoughts)
Some feel as reborn, at least recreated or refreshed, as we have ridden ourselves of stresses,
and we have imbibed the perfect orderliness of Goddess Rán in Ægir, the “abyss of waters”,
the perfect orderliness of rögn and regin (the gods) in Ásgarður.
No wonder we feel renewed and blissful.
Besides, that this is scientifically verified by some hundreds of studies.