Nýsa niður og falla aftur þaðan

Hanging on vingameiður
Hanging on vingameiður
týr á meiði - TM
týr á meiði – TM

Nýsa niður in Hávamál, vísa 138 and on, can easily be learned nowadays, as we have the TM-technique  –  thanks to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who founded Global Country, and gave us all the ancient wisdom in its purity.

There have, through the ages, always been men who understood the last vísur (verses) of Hávamál, but explaining in mere words about it was difficult as the technique to transcend was missing.

Using the correct technique  – TM is scientifically verified – the easiest, the most natural, the completely effortless way –  transcending is automatic.
Mind is always looking for bliss, and here it gets the chance to find it.
Mind become calm, thought but a flickering flame in nothingness,
our ego expands to infinity, Glaðheimar of consciousness.

This is not about someone hanging in a tree. It is all about allowing mind to transcend thought, to enjoy the source of thought, pure silence.

Falla aftur þaðan, fall from there again, made the scholars laugh:  ”How can we go down and then fall down from there, hehe hoho. Silly forefathers, silly stories.“

But now we know that mind seeks Glaðheimar, where accumulated stress in our nervous system gets released, and is gotten rid of. It evaporates to thin air. It never was substantial, anyway. Only ignorance/sin.

This stress-release irritates Sleipnir, our nervous system, which, in turn, is the reason for thoughts to emerge.
These thoughts are no nothing, really, as they are but irritation in the nervous system when stress gets released. Dismiss them.

our marvellous human nervous system
our marvellous human nervous system
Far að finna opt (go often to visit)
Far að finna opt (go often to visit)

I given to myself, to my Self.

4th state of consciousness is transcendence
waking sleep REM the 4th
4th state of consciousness is transcendence

Waking state, deep sleep state, REM (dream) state, and the 4th: transcending the other 3


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