New Theories in Óðsmál

New theories and interpretations.

Profundity we never fathomed before:

A, Æ (/Ae)
Ægir Rán Eldir and Fimafengur
Andhrimnir Eldhrimnir Sæhrimnir
Askur and Embla
Auðumbla, Líf and Lífþrasir
Big Bang Ragnarök
Brimir Listen to names in our mythology
Dá dvína dhyana
daughters of Rán
dwarfs make Gleipnir
* * * * *Valhöll, Valhalla, means returning home fully aliveValhöll is the place for the enlightened men walking on earth. Fully alive we reach Valhöll. Here we have returned home, at last, to where man really belongs. First now we can bear the name “man”.
The fastest way to enlightenment, Valhöll, is to lay the bridge Bifröst, or Bilröst, layer by layer, all our life-time. That we do by nýsa niður, transcend.
* * * * *
Einherji einherjar
Elves álfar
Fenja and Menja, Gróttasöngur
fórn (sacrifice)
Freyja space time foam bubble, and her Brísingamen
* * * * *
regnbogi Bifröst
We lay the bridge Bifröst, layer by layer, as if drizzling invisible stardust, by going into Ásgarður daily.
By nýsa niður (transcend thought) we take a trip to Ásgarður within, naturally and effortlessly,
and this is how we lay Bifröst, layer by layer.
Why would we lay Bifröst? Where does Bifröst lead?
Bifröst is for us, in time, to live Valhöll, man‘s enlightenment, the goal of human life-spans.
Bifröst is made of man´s purity.
* * * * *
Geri and Freki
God Ullur öndurás
Goddess Syn the sin-sieve
Gods and Goddesses
Gunnlöð in Hnitbjörg
Hanging on vingameiður
Hávamál in 3 parts
Huginn and Muninn
* * * * *Gunnlöð in HnitbjörgGunnlöð is she who lures us. Invites us. Löð is hospitality. Her sounding Kvasir is pleasing to our mind. We only have to learn the little easy delicate technique to give mind the chance to get what it seeks. We use wormholes.

ancient worm* * * * *
Irminsul and Askur
jötnar (singular jötunn)
Lead thyself
Loki Logi Röskva Þjálfi Hugi

Maharishi Effect in Norse Mythology
Mímir and Heimdallur
Mother Nature and meiðmar
Múspell and nifl
* * * * *Óðinn transcendsNýsa niður in Hávamál, vísa 138 and on, can easily be learned nowadays, as we have the TM-technique  –  thanks to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

There have, through the ages, always been men who understood the last vísur (verses) of Hávamál, but explaining in mere words about it was difficult as the technique to transcend was missing.
* * * * *
Nýsa niður and fimbulrúnir
Nýsa niður og falla aftur þaðan
Óðinn and wormholes
Óðinn female deity
Óðinn Vili Véi
Ósvinna ignorance maayaa
* * * * *
falla aftur þaðan, fall from there again, made the scholars laugh. How can we go down and then fall down from there, hehe hoho. Silly forefathers, silly stories.
But now we know that mind seeks Glaðheimar, where accumulated stress in the nervous system gets released and is gotten rid of. This stress-release irritates Sleipnir, our nervous system, who, in turn, is the reason for thoughts to emerge. These thoughts are no nothing, really, as they are but irritation in the nervous system when stress is released.
* * * * *
Siddhartha – Óðin´s names
Skaði Njörður Baldur
Skírnismál Edda poem
* * * * *
Álfheimar huldudrengur

Elves, álfar, are channels into our innermost treasure. We shall keep them clear, as they are for the flow of life itself.
During the dark ages of Churchianity in Iceland, some tried to warn us against elves, even claim them and their elf-cliff to be a bad temptation which should be avoided at all cost by keeping to Churchian teachings.
In known elf-hills and -cliffs in Iceland, some kind of waves can be measured with sophisticated gear, so it is not unlikely that some can detect them with their eyes. I.e. see light in these known elves´ abodes.
* * * * *
T,  Þ (Th)
Theocracy and theosophy
Theosophy in Heathenry
Þjóðvitnir – and the vicious cycle
Þund cycles
Þursamegir iii
Þursar Þursameyjar (thursmaidens)
Transcending in Norse Mythology
Tröll and Mjöllnir
* * * * *

Unified Field in physics - consciousness -- Copyright Global Country, John Hagelin
Unified Field in physics – consciousness. — Copyright: Global Country, John Hagelin

Note that æsir and jötnar can be seen as Bose Field and Fermi Fields.  (my theory)
At ragnarök they are no longer this broken symmetry, they re-emerge into unity.  Our forefathers’ physics.
* * * * *
Unified Field in physics and ragnarök
Urður Verðandi Skuld
* * * * *
Váli Rindarson Óðinsson
Vilbjörg mun vaka
Vín Valföðurs
Völuspá Edda-poem
World – veröld
Ymir “the sounding” and the 5 elements
* * * * *
jötunnJötnar, singular jötunn, are colossal eaters. They are rust, mould, erosion, withering, getting rid of our creations. Otherwise we would over-fill our surroundings with stuff. Jötnar are the necessary sweeping-up department.

Be careful, though, not to let them be free radicals in our body while we are still using it to live in.
* * * * *


í tröllum

Tröll are our ignorance. We do not see our ignorance due to our ignorance. This is our terrible blindness, this, not to see how our path of spiritual progress is waiting for us. We do not even know that there is a spiritual life, a spiritual path, a goal of enlightenment. We shall have to batter away or tröll, ignorance.
We shall learn how to wield Mjöllnir, so we can get rid of ignorance, let in the rays of Goddess Sun, Sól, the rays of sun of enlightenment, into our lives.
-Where and how do we learn how to handle Mjöllnir?
-The only true way to wield Mjöllnir: We learn to nýsa niður. Thereby imbibe fimbulrúnir. This is skill in action in the world of men. Endless miracles we shall perform for the good of all.
* * * * *
þursameyjar iii

Þursar are old, now useless, states of consciousness. We shall evolve towards higher states of consciousness.
The fastest way towards enlightenment is to learn to nýsa niður and practice that all our life-span.
Þursameyjar are the daughters of þursar. We see them as taking over, as to be our next and higher, more evolved, state of consciousness.
Here we have Skaði Þjazadóttir, Gerður Gymisdóttir, Gunnlöð Suttungsdóttir.  Beautiful!
* * * * *

Gerður í Gymisgörðum fenced in materialismGerður í Gymisgörðum (see Skírnismál) is mankind still in ignorance.
* * * * *Askur and Embla, askur YggdrasilsAskur and Embla are man-trees. Man-trees have roots in That which no man knows, manngi veit hvers af rótum renn.
The gods Óður Hænir Lóður give us human attributes, so now we are divine beings.
No small thing, man!
* * * * *

Sleipnir - our human nervous system

Sleipnir is our human nervous system.
His 8 legs become and symbolize the 192 nerve-endings.
We shall keep our sleek and gliding superb vehicle perfectly pure. This we do by transcending the sphere of thought to the source of thought, Glaðheimar, Ásgarður, Ægir, Hnitbjörg, Ginnungagap, tívarún (powerful sphere of tívar, Laws of Nature), ragnasjöt (abode of rögn (gods)), The Unified Field of Total Natural Law, lognfara lundur Barri (see Skírnismál) i.e. nirvaana, where Gerður (mankind) is going to meet divinity, Lord Freyr, the sphere of transcendence only found within.

एकंसद्विप्र बहुधा वदन्ति  ekam sad vipra bahudhaa vadanti
Thruth is one, the wise call It by many names.
* * * * *

Natural Law in Ásgarður
Natural Law in Ásgarður

Ásgarður, the garden/city of æsir the gods, is the sphere of Total Natural Law. Here all is in harmony, and is harmonizing when we visit Ásgarður to accept the wine of Valföður, to imbibe the best of mead for our purity.
Our valkyrja serves us here. Our vehicle for the visit is Sleipnir, our human nervous system. And we are welcomed home. Here we belong.

valkyrjaOur valkyrja is not summoning dead. She serves us, living men, to reach Ásgarður every day. Here we imbibe the divine refreshments, restore our balance and power, restore-place (=restaurant).
Ásgarður is the sphere of the Laws of Nature, the flawless, the divine.

* * * * *

vibrational modes of the five elements - höfuðskepnur
vibrational modes of the five elements – höfuðskepnur.
© Dr. John Hagelin

Mímir is the memory of all. Mímir remembers back and forth. By this rubbing, an opportunity for space is gained, which Heimdallur makes use of to sound his Gjallarhorn. The first element, höfuðskepna, being born. Memory and what is to be heard is, so, closely connected. Shruti smriti.
Heimdallur has 9 mothers. Who are they?  If we see space as 10D (/10 dimensions), knowing that one of them is time, these remaining 9 become the mothers of creation’s first-born element, höfurskepnaHeimdallur as space.
* * * * *

Loki Mother Earth and LokiLoki mankind, perpetually fucking up, and desperately trying to amend the flaws. But Sigyn is always our true friend.
* * * * *

Lord Freyr
Lord Freyr

Skírnir in Skírnismál is the divine ray, sent by Lord Freyr to mankind, Gerður.
Personifications, anthropomorphic versions of powers, can be a trap. Guys and dolls are not the right interpretation of powers in myths.
In Skírnsimál, lognfara lundurinn Barri is nirvaana.

Hrímþurs in Skírnismál performance
Hrímþurs in Skírnismál performance

Hrímþursar in Skírnismál are stagnation on our evolutionary path towards perfection, enlightenment. Do we know that we are on our evolutionary path? Or do we not know?
* * * * *

Ymir the sounding
Ymir the sounding

Ymir is the sounding universe. The gods make out of sounds the 5 elements. All is perfect according to the master plan. These are healthy and sound sounds. Tívar tefla teitir í túni.
We should never ever strike a false tone in the perfect symphony. That counts for violating the Laws of Nature, build up ire in Mother Nature.
* * * * *

nýsa niður cycleÞund is one of many rivers in Norse mythology. Rivers flow to the ocean, the surface of the ocean evaporates and forms clouds, who are blown to mountain-tops, where they become rain and snow. Waterbeds and formed, and brooks. Again brooks and rivers flow to the ocean.
These cycles uphold evolutions. Without water there is no vegetation growing. Cycles in myths are not mere circles, they are what upholds evolution. The ocean can be The Abyss of Waters without which nothing can be.
We transcend, i.e. nýsum niður, fall from there again, now nourished, and that is an evolutionary cycle.
The world is all cycles, nourishing and upholding cycles.
* * * * *

hornVín Valföður, the wine of Valföður, is eternal flow of divine intelligence.
We shall compare mythical wine of Dionisos, Baccus, Jesus.
Óðinn æ við vín eitt unir, needs no other than the flow of intelligence.
But after use, body-meat goes to the dogs (see Geri and Freki).

Geri and Freki
Geri and Freki

* * * * *
Loddfáfnir, according to Óðsmál,….
—  where Hávamál is in three parts,
karmakanda upaasankanda jhnanakanda,
as Óðinn is in three Hárr Hærri Þriði
… the seeker of Truth.
Loddfáfnir sits down with the teacher of Truth, and listens. He tries to learn intellectually – which is a good beginning. He has not yet gained the profound understanding. But when he does he shall really benefit from it.

कर्म कन्द   उपासन कन्द   झन कन्द

Óðsmál sees Hávamál in 3 parts:
कर्म कन्द karma kanda उपासन कन्द upaasana kanda झन कन्द jhñana kanda
* * * * *
Ginnungagap is eternity.

No beginning of it is, not is there an end to it.
All there is is ginnungagap. Nothing other, no second, nothing else.
* * * * *

Freyja and Brisingamen
Freyja and Brisingamen

Brísingamen is the brightest jewel on earth. Goddess Freyja, the space time foam bubble of a universe, guards her most precious jewel, mankind, us.

Freyja space-time foam
Freyja space-time foam

We are the divinely attributed beings who are taken care of in the universe by heavenly powers.
Please remember that the whole game of being born is for our spiritual evolution, where the winning-goal is enlightenment,
only by living in a body can we play this game.
I wish we could be responsible enough to deserve our status and our responsibility.
* * * * *

Hildisvíni uterusHildisvíni, shield of the goddess of creation, could be uterus, mother’s womb. Protection for the embryo.
Swine is a fertility symbol, we know.
* * * * *Mother Nature hides RealityMeiðmar is what we give back to Mother Nature for all her gifts and care.
And what would we give back what She would like to receive from us?
We transcend Her, imbibe the perfection,
we sacrifice our individual consciousness into universal consciousness.
This is to give back.
If we don´t, then we are mere thieves.
* * * * *

(means that which is brought and offered)

Illiteracy is to claim a man being killed, or an ego being killed, when we “sacrifice” ourselves. This is not on the sphere of action at all.
The Icelandic word is fórn, from verb færa, to bring. What we bring and offer, fórnfærum, is individual consciousness, which expands to infinity by nýsa niður, transcending, to become universal consciousness,
–also known in our myths as Glaðheimar, Ásgarður, Hnitbjörg, ginnungagap, Ægir, and even referred to by other such names too.
* * * * *

04 Thjodvitnir 150Þjóðvitnir is, originally, the good guy who chants wisdom and power for elves and æsir. But during kali-yuga, Þjóðvitnir starts his blooming business, using, exploiting, our ignorance, of which we do not perceive. Goddess Eir is trying to persuade Þjóðvitnir to resume his noble role.
The book, skræða #4 Óðsmál for bairns, is a delight, as we succeed in getting Þjóðvitnir to reveal his business secrets.
You will really benefit from knowing. Þjóðvitnir is all fun, mocks us and everything, above all our ignorance.
* * * * *

is a god used as a toolTheocracy and theosophy. We really should understand the idea behind theocracies. And we should understand the profundity contained in theosophy. One might be a tool to rule, the other giving us knowledge on the purpose of life, and how to live spiritually and meaningfully.
I recommend that we all find out.
* * * * *

Njörður - man - Skaði
Njörður – man – Skaði
Skaði seeks Baldur
Skaði seeks Baldur

Skaði seeks the highest, Baldur sun-god. The difficult relationship in which she is stuck, is, for sure, of our concern. We live in this difficult situation. We are born in a body in order to evolve, and we should be using our life-spans to evolve to the highest: Find sun-god Baldur within.
* * * * *

to pardonTo pardon, to let go of accusation, to excuse, is considered very good, but mind you: in order to excuse we first have to accuse. Is the accuser really so great that he is in position to accuse and excuse?  What sayest thou on this point. Really think it over.
* * * * *

ox killed chickenFenja and Menja, the exploited slaves in Gróttasöngur, bear the names: she who is feathered (fön), and she who has fur (mön). They worked for the greed, until all sank. This myth is pointing out our mal-treatment of living beings. Every being is on its evolutionary path, and we should see them that way. Killing is a sin, no matter who is killed. He who enjoys the slavery and killing partakes in the sin of exploiting and harming.
* * * * *

ancient Celtic crossA golden ring on crossroads, or a cross in a golden ring? In Gróttasöngur
it simply waits for its owner to collect it. No-one else touches is due to abundance and no lack of goods.
Could the true owner be he who understands the profundity?
* * * * *

irminsulirminsulIrminsul is, to my mind, showing transcendence. See it, for fun, my way.
Is irminsul vingameiður?
* * * * *

dwarfs make Gleipnir
dwarfs make Gleipnir

Dwarfs are handy creatures about the house. Who are they? The progeny of Ivaldi? Then, who is Ivaldi?  We should list all the marvellous high-technology contraptions dwarfs make to save the day  –  save our life, save humanity.
We should also compare this to what Indians read out of their ancient records of wars, and how they compare the descriptions of ancient and modern weapons and war-gear.
* * * * *

we see not The trouble about our ignorance, ósvinna, is, that we do not see it. It is of the same nature as is brain-washing. We have no idea of the blinding effects of ignorance. We think we are normal, but the truth is that we are not, i.e. not until we become enlightened.
Óðsmál is given to us to make us aware of this.
As long as we are not perfectly pure and stainless, stress-less, we cannot bear the name “man”. Only by purifying ourselves  —  and that we do by nýsa niður, transcend —  can we see what we should have been aiming at all our life-spans.
* * * * *

daughters of Rán
daughters of Rán

Daughters of Rán, Ránardætur, are the perfect orderliness mirrored from the perfection in the unfathomable profundity into creation, our universe, our life. We plunge into Ægir, into our own consciousness, to imbibe that orderliness.
* * * * *Ægir and Rán

Ægir is the unfathomable abyss of Waters, the Great Void, ginnungagap. Here, our goddess Rán (pronounce:  raun) abides. She is the perfect orderliness in Ægir. Her name means: perfect order.

Eldir and Fimafengur, enjoy the feast at Ægis
Eldir and Fimafengur, enjoy the feast at Ægis

At Ægis, i.e. at the feast in the halls of Ægir, we are offered divine nourishment. We plunge again and again into Ægir, ever deeper, i.e. we daily transcend the sphere of thought, and in time we shall become pure.
* * * * *Gungnir weapon of Odin is vibrationsGungnir, the spear of Óðinn, is but different vibrational modes, superstrings, intangible ever-flickering vibrations, which we claim to be matter.
* * * * *Vilbjörg mun vakaVilbjörg mun vaka, means that we will, in time, see that we are not the worldly stuff we claim to be and see. In time we shall “see”.
* * * * *
Rati the rat

Bölverkur, name of Óðinn, means he who perforates, he who makes holes, he who splits up, he who penetrates the so-called matter. He uses worm-holes, drilled by Rati the rat. This is how we expand to infinity, so find Hnitbjörg. Here we meet Gunnlöð, and by that gain the mead of wisdom.ancient worm

* * * * *


Síðhöttur, one of Óðins 108 names, means “he who has perfection as a goal”.  Each name of Óðinn has a meaning in context with the message of the poem or myth in which it occurs. And all names in Icelandic have a meaning, some more profound than others.
* * * * *The Maharishi Effect

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

The Maharishi Effect (wage peace in pure consciousness) in Norse Mythology:
Hvar er hatur vex með hildings sonum þat má ek bæta brátt
wherever hatred grows among the sons of kings that I can amend at once.
Hvar er Æsir fóru um lönd fylgði þeim friður og þóttu þeir goðumlíkir
wherever Æsir went over lands peace prevailed, and they were found to be god-like
Vopnum reft er þak, brynjum á bekki stráð in Valhöll.
Weapons are used to support the roof, war-armour is now scattered on benches –  as here peace prevails. Einherjar do not fight with weapons. They wage peace on earth.
Eggjar ek deyfi minna andskota, bítat þeim vopn né velir
I make the weapons of my opponents blunt
Fljúgi fleinn ei svo stinnt að ek stöðvigag
No spear flies so fast that I cannot stop it
* * * * *

Freyja symbol
Freyja symbol

Freyja is the space-time foam  – and so is Afrodita

space-time foam, wormholes for Óðinn to transcend
space-time foam, wormholes for Óðinn to transcend

-space-time foam, wormholes for Óðinn (us)
to transcend
* * * * *
Urður Verðandi Skuld

Urður Verðandi Skuld should be understood. They are a Law of Nature, action and an equal reaction, law of karma, always fair, always correct. Urður is our doings, acts, thoughts, words. We are all-responsible ourselves. There are no “they decided” here. We should know our forgotten lifespans to play in. We cannot blame others for our circumstances.
“Unfathomable is the course of action” (Bhagavad-Gita). We know not, but Verðandi never fails in her calculations on time of our Skuld.
Enginn má sköpun renna, no man can run away from his örlög, fate, which he himself created in the first place.
* * * * *

Andhrímnir Eldhrímnir Sæhrímnir
Andhrímnir Eldhrímnir Sæhrímnir
Andhrímnir Eldhrímnir Sæhrímnir from the five elements (physics)
Andhrímnir Eldhrímnir Sæhrímnir from the five elements (physics)

Andhrímnir Eldhrímnir Sæhrímnir are the 3 out of the 5 elements, höfuðskepnur. Vata pitta kapha body-types, prana tejas ojas good qualities in our body. Valhöll is for living men, pure men. A state of purity.
* * * * *
Múspell and nifl, fire and fog, are silence and dynamism in ginnungagap.
Mundilfari, earth’s axis, whose imagined extended ends draw a huge mandala in 26.000 years.
* * * * *shield Svalinn ozone-layer protects usSvalinn the shield the ozone-layer, protecting soil and waters from sun’s burning rays.
* * * * *we are consciousness, and dvína, to fade and stop thinking, is dhyaana, when mind fades into eternity for divine refreshment and harmonizing nurturing.
* * * * *
we are consciousnessOur body is but Gungnir, vibrations, and not solid at all. All-porous. Mind is not confined to body as if in prison. Mind can go anywhere it wishes to go. Óðinn as Bölverkur, he who perforates and uses wormholes, has told us how easily we gain the mead of wisdom in Hnitbjörg within.

* * * * *

cremation ship

Hermóður can be her+móður, a warrior, but also herm+óður, he who is out of control because of sorrow for Baldurs death. Hermdarverk veldur harmi. (an act of terror causes grief).

* * * * *

Geri Freki
Geri Freki

Geri and Freki, the voracious and the tearer (from Sanskrit gara vrika), get meat, while Alföður receives nourishment from the flow of life, divine wine, alone. This meat going to the dogs is bodies no longer in use. Recycled stuff. No regret. We shall make a brand new one when we need. We do that, life-span after life-span.

* * * * *

HelHel is a coffee-break between life-spans. We love her as a rest. She is cold and half blue.
Önd skal lifa og aldregi týnast (soul shall live and never perish).
Hel is she who covers, hides away, Icelandic verb hylja; Hel hylur. We are not seen while we dwell with her enjoying her famed hospitality. (Should be added here for the sake of not advertising hotel Helia in a misleading way: luckily we do not have any needs during that period of no body.)
* * * * *sons of ÓðinnRindur, mother to Váli Óðinsson, hawk of morning and awakening, is an ocean deity. Her name akin to Varuna, and to Ouranos.
* * * * *
Big Bang to ragnarök is a huge cycle. We are about half through right now, as some 13.8 billions of years have already passed in the sphere of time and space in our beautiful universe. At ragnarök either the big crunch or the big rip. No big deal, as önd skal lifa og aldreigi týnast (soul shall live and never perish).
* * * * *

God Ullur
God Ullur
Ullur burns up the vicious cycle
Ullur burns up the vicious cycle
Skaði seeks Baldur
Skaði seeks Baldur

Ullur öndurás, the skiing god, is fire. Sanskrit ul. Fire skiing in the snow? Queer. But the snowy mountains indicate heightened state of human mind, and skiing is a swift mode of getting between places. We know here up North.
Ullur burns up the vicious cycle of action and that leading to next action. We do not see how we are tossed about in this vicious cycle until we can break loose.

Öndur is from Sanskrit अध्वन्  adhavan, a way, road, path. This word seems to me to be found in Old Norse /Icelandic and in Sanskrit, but I have not found it in other European languages. Skaði is öndurdís, a skiing dís, also seeking the highest.

Some claim Ullur í Ýdölum (in yew-tree valley; he has to make his skis and his bow, of course) to be the same got as Heimdallur the bright in Himinbjörg (Himalaya).

Fire and space both are höfuð­skepnur (elements).
* * * * *

Valhöll - Valhalla - means returning home fully alive

Einherji, plural einherjar, are living men. Enlightened men. The excellent ones. Please correct misinterpretations which might be found in your head as ghosts from the dark ages.
Valhöll is a place, a golden palace, of pure men who now, first now, can bear the name “a man”.

* * * * *

trigunaÞursamegir III, the 3 thurs-macs (-sons) show up when the gods are arranging the flawless Laws of Nature in the universe. They are the qualities of Mother Nature, triguna, satogun rajogun tamogun. We shall take a break from them twice-daily all our life.
The only way to evolve spiritually is to be born and live in a body. This implies the dance with þursamegir iii. We should know them to be the performers of action in the world. But that does not mean we can blame them for all our flaws.
* * * * *
Listen to names in our mythology. Listen slowly slowly to Brimir:
Bbb  –  rrrrr  –  i i i i – mmmmmm – iiiii  –  rrrrr.
Can you hear the creation and the turning of a cycle into itself and the continuity?
Brigit is the Celtic Mother, mother to gods. Listen, slowly slowly to her blessed name.
* * * * *

Icelandic jólasveinarThis picture is an old Icelandic yule-greetings card: jólasveinar come from the mountains during yule-tide to visit us — so what about our hospitality?
I have the notion that our yule-lads, jólasveinar, are our forefathers in disguise. We might have offered a kind of pindada, i.e. given food to deceased family-members, during yule-tide, but ancestor-worship been banned by the dark-age theocracy. We, of course, carried on with it, as silly rules always tend to be broken. Then we lied: -Oh ! The jólasveinar steal some food from the pantry during the dark nights at in December, winter-solstice.
We might have offered to álfar (elves) and other wights too, to the great delight of the tiny (non-migrating) birds who survive the winters in Iceland.
* * * * *

Óðinn Vili Véi rishi devata chhandas
Óðinn Vili Véi
rishi devata chhandas

Óðinn Vili Véi are rishi devataa cchandas in Ved, and HilbertSpace Observables States of old physics. The curiosity process which really has unforeseen consequences: i.e. creation.
Óðinn is the knower, he who knows, who gets the will, Vili, to seek for knowledge. Vili it the process of seeking knowledge in pure knowledge. Here, there is nothing to be found other than pure knowledge, so he only finds Véi, the knowledge found. Once found, Véi tends to hide Óðinn and Vili from us. We miss the process, rejoicing only in the found.
That is a pity, for sure, as we are Óðinn the seeker of knowledge. We miss out ourselves. That is bad.
But even worse is that this process, Óðinn Vili Véi, which goes back only to repeat itself, again and again, hides from us ginnungagap, reality, in which the whole play takes place. We do not see ourselves. We know not who we are in core and essence.
As necessary as creation is for our spiritual evolution to take place, we tend to get absorbed in, and completely taken in, by creation, thus forgetting Reality.
* * * * *
Élivágar are to me a foggy mind. Maayaa. We see not well.
* * * * *
Glaðheimar are the widest and the gladdest, infinity itself. Human mind can easily find itself there any time. In Glaðheimar we imbibe the purity and perfection of ginnungagap. We experience the joy of contacting the purity of consciousness. Pure consciousness. This is the nourishment in life. Without it, we man-trees, wither away.

* * * * *

Gunnlöð in Hnitbjörg
Gunnlöð in Hnitbjörg

Hnitbjörg is our innermost cave. We should explore it. That we do by transcending. To begin with we do not see details clearly in here, but gradually our vision recovers from its blindness. Here we imbibe the mead of wisdom. We are welcomed by a thurs-maiden who, actually, is not supposed to show hospitality, rather expected by her father the thurs Suttungur, to hide the mead away from us.
But alas! A Norse myth. Who can control a female power here in the Northern heritage?
Þursar are old, now gone-by, states of evolution; their daughters take over. Our next step.
* * * * *

Týr a meiði (TM)By nýsa niður, transcend the sphere of thought, transcend Nature herself, we gain fimbulrúnir and galdrar góðir (good galdur), which is the skill in action in the world of men. Such handy abilities as walking on water and all that good stuff belonging to the enlightened ones.

* * * * *


anchored in That, in RealityNote the Sanskrit word ni-stha, standing firm in That, in context to nýsta ek niður, to transcend, in Hávamál, the part of wisdom, all about being grounded in That.

Óðinn transcends* * * * *

Hanging on vingameiður, is pending in nothingness, in the middle of nowhere. Here mind is given the chance to plunge into the abyss, our very consciousness completely pure. We need a delicate technique to give mind this chance of hanging on vingameiður. That we shall learn.

* * * * *

Týr a meiði (TM)

Fórn, is sacrifice. (Fórn – færa (to bring).)
-What do we sacrifice?
-What we sacrifice, bring, is our individual consciousness. My self given unto universal consciousness. I am the fórn, the sacrifice, fully alive.
I am more alive than ever when I fell aftur þaðan, fall from there again into my human thoughts.

* * * * *

I always see Loki as mankind, fucking things up, and then desperately trying to make up for his stupidity. What sayest thou?
Loki has to understand.

And now thou takest over. The path is ahead.

Loki in Þrymskviða
Loki in Þrymskviða


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