Einherji – Einherjar

Einherjar are living men. Enlightened men walking on earth.
Einherjar live selflessly. They act in tune with Mother Nature, performing only right actions spontaneously, as they are pure.
अर्य arya (Sanskrit) means the excellent one, becomes einherji in Old Norse /Icelandic.

Note that there are many ghosts of falsified history and misinterpretations around, the remnants of Roman strategy in Europe. To write history is a smart tool for brain-washing.
Some misinterpretations are deliberately put into circulation, but many are also due to our base level of understanding.
Some are mix-ups with imported religious systems, the theocracies, but in there concepts are often used (misused) to rule the mob.

See also Valhöll Valhalla enlightenment


Listen to pronunciation: einherji (singular), einherjar (plural)

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