Týr – Mars – Mangal – Ares – Tuesday

Týr is our brave righteousness and lawfulness. He stands for the Divine Law.

Týr has equivalents, some of which have been manipulated or changed according to convenience.
Tuesday, day of Týr, Mars, Mangal, Ares, which gives us a clue: they are the same god initially, all own our weekday Tuesday, and they all are the same planet.

Mars in ancient Italy of the Etruscan is a peaceful agricultural deity,
Mangal a token of good-luck,
and perhaps Homer manipulated Ares as he adored war-gods and war-goddesses, not particularly some ignoble fertility symbols.

Týr is righteousness and divine law.  Not a god of war as Romish Mars was used for (martial actually is a word derived from Mars),
and note again that Etruscans owned Mars the good protective god of peace and prosperity.
Romans changed him for their ambitions. A manipulated god.
kúdjah कुज (son of Earth) the planet mangal is an auspicious concept. Mangal Týr for luck.

Beware, though, that our amygdala does not go out of balance. We shall not use our power for wars, but for being delightfully efficient in the world.

Grágás the law-book
the name meaning grey-goose, but there is more to it as in turn garj in Sanskrit becomes the verb garga in Icelandic, in the context of speaking out loud the law or reciting the law at Lögberg, Þingvellir.

Listen to pronunciation: Týr, Grágás

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