Lead Thyself

Thou thyself lead thy self
do not have another steer thee.

Such “self-importance” lays the easy burden:
all-responsible thyself for thy doings, words, thoughts,
and, as a part of that:
what Urður Verðandi Skuld have calculated for thee.
(They are a flawless Law of Nature – self-made karma.)

The Laws of Nature, presided over by Ásgarður, govern the universe with perfect order.
Our gods are very happy with that: Tefla í túni teitir (play happily in dynamism).
Here dwells the never changing cosmic law,
which creates the innumerable Laws of Nature, and maintains them.

This is where we go for life-nourishment.
Self-effort is another name for divine will – found inside us.

All becomes easy to us when we have imbibed fimbulrúnir in Ásgarður.
Fimbulrúnir are skill in action in Miðgarður.
We learn to manage with the same skill as the Laws of Nature manage the cosmos.
Always evolutionary – only.

Never carry burdens as they exist not.

Never carry burdens as they exist not.
Never carry burdens as they exist not.

Dedication to suffering is “sick”. Skip that for lifetime.
Suffering should not be.
synd í tröllum

When we become pure, we see that we are divine beings.
“Pure” means fully developed and stain-less. Sin-less.
apples of Iðunn

Just imbibe the apples of Iðunn. Available in Ásgarður.
Then we become ever-young however old this present body becomes.

We cannot see on a man what state of consciousness he lives.

The Greeks used to say
that it pleases the gods that our body is ever-young,
no matter how long we use our present body, we shall keep our physiology pure – as gods love that purity of man.

In time we shall have Heaven on Earth.
All men pure — as we should be.

We can master the Natural Law, the perfection.
We are the embodiment of the creative process in Nature.
Our human life is that field of all possibilities.

Lead thyself thyself
— instead of accepting intermediaries for coming from thyself to thyself.
Belief can become a trap.
Such businesses can just as well be expensive astray-leaders.
Some figures might even be “written” by some men.

Belief is an all-worldly thing  –  a thought,
a brain-made (most likely a second-hand) idea.
Be careful, as it can become stubbornness, and an all-worldly and false security.

We could even reject common sense when blind belief has taken over.

Belief is not any divine thing.
The like concepts are on the sphere of our flickering ever-changing thoughts and Gungnis-world.

Truth is within us.
We are It.
We just have to fathom deeper levels of Ægir within. Then our thoughts and actions become powerful and evolutionary.

Our latent potential is our greatest resource. We can easily access it.
(Learn easy natural TM; tm.org)

Rán and her daughters
Rán and her daughters

With each and every thought and action we create a wave in the atmosphere.
This is our great and delightful responsibility.

We should not live in the little waves alone, the daughters of Rán.
We should live the perfection of Rán herself.
Truly, every tiniest bit contains the whole (a holograph), but we should not live in the bits alone.
We should live That which we are.

See (if we know Latin) the difference between
“sub specie temporis” (surface value boundaries (- temporary))
and “sub specie aeternitatis” (in terms of unboundedness (- eternity)).

Each time we transcend into Ægir (best twice-daily), we enliven ripples on the great Ægir.

Eldir and Fimafengur
Eldir and Fimafengur

Here, in the feast at Ægis, we meet ourselves, our Self.
By this we nourish the whole cosmos. – That is what is served at Ægis.

We can create the life we want.
A conscious observer makes reality.
Ginnungagap is pure knowledge. We mirror that into our life.

Human life is purely divine. Waste not time on unworthy things.
(Quoting Maharishi Mahes Yogi)

It feels nice in our societies to be beautiful rich smart educated
(one up in the pecking order too?).
But top-degree people can make mistakes, we know.

They should be nourished by our innermost – and then not err any more.
Align with the perfection within.

Do we know that Óðins name Bileygur, means that he sees(/or we see)
that we are both
* living on the surface
* in truth we are pure consciousness.
Vilbjörg mun vaka

Bil-eygur, sees both the worldly playful Gungnir, and also who we are.
Bileygur enjoys the Gungnis-stuff, and enjoys invincibility and unboundedness simultaneously.
That will – in time – come to us all.

týr á meiði - TM
týr á meiði – TM

Now, though:
* when we transcend to Ásgarður, we enjoy invincibility and unboundedness for a while, enjoy infinite organizing power,
* we fall from there again, into our thoughts, and take Gungnir and our thoughts for the only there is – as we see it with our eyes, the mind-child.
Our senses are mind-children.

Bil from Sanskrit भिद् bhid, to split up, make distinction, bite, split/cleave
भिन्न bhinna to be split up, भित्त bhitta.

(Bil- means not that one eye is out of order as some scholars see it.)

Bileygur enjoys outer glory and inner glory simultaneously.


Do we know that Skíðblaðnir is a promise that all will bloom and flourish,
life always re-emerges.

Do we know that Hel is a break between life-spans,
and ragnarök end of our universe,
but life never dies. Death exists not.
In universes there is time, space, and perpetual change. Nothing ever dies.

The best philosophical joke I heard:  Does doubt exist?

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