Mother Earth and LokiLoki mankind, perpetually fucking up, and desperately trying to amend the flaws.
But Sigyn is always our true friend.
I always see Loki as mankind, creating a mess, and then desperately trying to make up for his stupidity. What sayest thou?
Loki has to understand.
And now thou takest over. The path is ahead.
Mother to Sleipnir. Yes. Loki, as a mare, became the mother to our most precious human nervous system.

Loki in Þrymskviða
Loki in Þrymskviða

Loki heedless and completely lacking responsibility
Loki correlates to Saturn and Kronos in name of Saturday.
Correlation in European languages and others, of:
*names of gods,
*parts of our brain (Tony Nader, MD PhD, Global Country, knowledge from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Loki tricks Höður to kill Baldur sun-god
Is that where they got the idea of Judas from? The same role,
as all sun-gods die to be resurrected. Winter solstice in the North. Yule.
That does not include any suffering. Do not buy that suffering-story. This is all joy. Life and its cycles are all joy.
In Þrymskviða, Þór and Loki are the first famous drag-queens in the world. Is not that all fun and joy  –   to save Mjöllnir by all means?

Þrymskviða  helgileikar  (Icelandic)


Edda Poem Þrymskviða  (English)  perform a ritual

So Sleipnir, our human nervous system, is all-worldly – as his father is the þurs‘s stallion, Svaðilfari, and his mother is Loki, whom I take for mankind.
We develop Sleipnir while still in our mother’s womb.
This is when we really start to become individuals – forgetting who we are in truth.

The sweetest mother’s day card,
to the delight of all Heathens:

©Brianna Garcia
©Brianna Garcia

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