Njörður Skaði Baldur


Njörður - man - Skaði
Njörður – man – Skaði

Njörður Skaði Baldur

is a difficult love triangle, and difficult relationships may need some compromise.
Skaði seeks the highest, Sun-god Baldur.
But we are tied to Njörður as we live in our body. We have to do both: live in a body and use lifespans to evolve.
Only living in a body can we evolve.

Óðsmál has this all explained for us. We really need that in this case.
Baldur is a sun-god, as is Jesus in this context.

Skaði seeks Baldur
Skaði seeks Baldur


See also  Skírnismál  ritual and Edda poem Skírnismál


Listen to pronunciation: Njörður Skaði Baldur, Óðsmál

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