Eddas Oral Tradition

Eddas oral tradition  í munnlegri geymd.
Our precious manuscripts are said to have been written from orally conveyed spiritual treasures.

Do not mix up the literature, the Icelandic Sagas, Íslendingasögurnar, and the myths and poems of ancient Heathenry, which scholars do not term as literature, as they were an oral tradition, i.e. conveyed by reciting from generation to generation, nobody knows how old.

Norse Edda

The Eddas are thought to have been conveyed orally – í munnlegri geymd – from generation to generation for “nobody knows how long”, then written in precious manuscripts. Not classified as literature, but as Überlieferung.

These precious Edda manuscripts seem to be, nowadays, understood on the level of thought only.

What we need is to add to that intellectual understanding is to become acquainted with the profound sphere of man’s life of do not know – due to shallow education.

Óðsmál gives this knowledge.

-How do we find this profound sphere of which we know not?

-By nýsa niður, transcend, the realm of thought to reach the source of thought, consciousness, as did our forefathers to gain fimbulrúnir.

It is not of any use to talk about nýsa niður on the sphere of thought and contemplation about the term nýsa niður, as that is not transcending.

Óðinn nýsir niður
Óðinn nýsir niður

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Listen to pronunciation: fimbulrúnir, nýsta ek niður, Óðsmál, Íslendingasögurnar

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