Fórn (sacrifice)

Fórn means: that which is brought and offered.

Illiteracy, and misunderstanding, is to claim a man being killed, or an ego being killed, when we “sacrifice” ourselves. This act is not on the sphere of action at all. We leave the sphere of action to bring our fórn (sacrifice).
Our ego is not killed. It expands to infinity.
(Some misunderstanding has sneaked in here; please correct it.)
By nýsa niður (transcend), we expand our individual consciousness to Glaðheimar, The Infinity.

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The Icelandic word for sacrifice is fórn, from verb færa, to bring.
What we bring and offer, fórnfærum, is individual consciousness, which expands to infinity. This we do by nýsa niður, transcend, to become pure unbounded consciousness.

In the state of transcending  –known and explained in our myths–  we “visit” our inner GlaðheimarÁsgarðurHnitbjörgginnungagapÆgir, lognfara lundur Barri.
Ginnungagap, our pure consciousness, is referred to by still other names too, as Heathenry contains pure þeosofi (theosophy).
Truth has many names in the language of the wise.
This contact with our own consciousness is pure joy, pure bliss.

Týr á meiði - TM
Týr á meiði – TM
mind expands
mind expands

Mind becomes a flickering flame in a calm place, expands, and emerges, thoughtless, into the abyss.
An automatic and effortless flow, if we learn the correct technique.
(Learn TM – this simple natural technique works from the first second and ever after.)
The nature of the mind is to seek bliss. Here it is.

Fórn, is sacrifice. (Fórn – færa (to bring).)
-What do we sacrifice?
-What we sacrifice, bring, is our individual consciousness. My self given unto my own consciousness. I am the fórn, the sacrifice, fully alive.
Hávamál:  I given to myself, ég gefinn sjálfum mér, gefinn Óðni.
Hávamál: nýsta ek niður …. fell ek aftur þaðan
(I transcended to the origin of thought ….. came back out to my thoughts)
I am more alive than ever when I fell aftur þaðan, fall from there again into my human thoughts. I have imbibed fimbulrúnir.

a misleading picture
a misleading picture

Vagn /wagon carries the fórn (gift we bring),  vaha वह
of course not a real wagon at all.  Our illustrations are always misleading.
Yet we go on with it, as we love to tell stories – and convey the knowledge –  in this way.

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