God Ullur Öndurás

god Ullur öndurás.
god Ullur öndurás.

Ullur öndurás
For sure, he makes his skiis an his bow from yew-wood, as his house is Ýdalir (yew-tree-dales/valley).

Ullur burns up the seeds in “the vicious cycle” of action, the incentive of former actions, the unseen seeds colouring our next “not-so-new” idea:

vicious cycle - joy
vicious cycle – joy
vicious cycle - bad
vicious cycle – bad

Ullur öndurás, the skiing god, is fire –  Sanskrit ul उल्.
Fire skiing in the snow? Queer?
Also can his name be connected to wool, ull, as Ýdalir in the zodiac is the ram, mesha aries – equinox zodiac sign  –   Not that he is warmly dressed in woollen underwear as Icelanders, and the Vikings on their ships, do to keep warm.

Amazing Icelandic sheep, the wildest domestic animals on earth – life-savers of Icelanders through the centuries.  Double sheeth wool, inner þel (warm), outer tog (water repellent).

Tog most likely the material of which loði is made, used in water-repellent  clothes, the trousers called loðbrók (loð-brók, brók Gaelic for trousers). Icelandic is half Gaelic, due to Irish/Scottish settlers – along with the Norse ones.

Snowy mountains indicate heightened state of human mind, and skiing is a swift mode of getting between places. We know here up North.

Ullur burns up ”the vicious cycle of action“ and that leading to next action. Vicious, yes, as we do not see how we are tossed about in this vicious cycle   —   until we can break loose.

Ullur burns up the vicious cycle
Ullur burns up the vicious cycle (a bit embarrassing to begin with)
Sanskrit adhvan
Sanskrit adhvan

Öndur is from Sanskrit अध्वन्  adhavan, a way, road, path.
This word is to be found in Old Norse /Icelandic and in Sanskrit, but I have not found it in other European languages.
For study on Sanskrit-Icelandic/OldNorse words, see works by Keshava Deva Shastri and C.A. Holmboe
Skaði is öndurdís, a skiing dís, also seeking the highest.

Skaði seeks Baldur
Skaði seeks Baldur


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