Mother Nature – Skessa – Triguna

Þursamegir iii (the 3 thurs-sons), triguna, the 3 qualities of Mother Nature, are the all-powerful ones in the world. They are the rulers and performers of action. They meddle up with everything in our universe. They are in everything, every thing, and always all 3 together. We do not see them, but we should know.

5 Þursamegir III - triguna of NatureThe gods “tefldu í túni teitir váru” (happily played in the field of dynamism), until (“unz”) þursamegir iii showed up, and that was in the very beginning of the game of creating our universe.

The only way to take a break from them is to nýsa niður, transcend Nature. And that we shall learn and practice all our life.

þursamegir III are triguna  (sattva rajas tamah),
take a break from triguna,  nistraigunyo bhav
Our 5 senses register Nature, but yet we do not know anything about triguna, þursamegir þrír. Megir is plural of mögur, a son, like mac in Irish names.

Many Gaelic words and proper names are, since settlement of Iceland, found in Icelandic which thought is said to be a Norse language.

Mother Nature  –  and meiðmar
We love her, she is the giving, the yielding. Motherly, she has tolerance and placidity towards her naughty little stupid bairns, us. But only to a certain extent, as She, mighty and powerful as She is, has Her limits. If we violate Her Laws, the set and flawless Laws of Nature, for too long, She will, in the end, burst as calamities, as wars, as disasters.

Mother Nature
Mother Nature

Note that these misfortunate happenings have nothing to do with any anger of some god, whatever his name. Our wrong-doings towards Her accumulate to, when Her point of tolerance is reached, Her giving us a lesson. This is what all good mothers tend to do.

To give Her back for her gifts, we transcend Her, bring peace to the world. This giving back is meiðmar.

Nature hides away from our sight Reality. We see Her, but we see not Reality, what all is in essence. Our senses register Nature.
We should know her all-powerful, bossy rulers of the world: þursamegir iii, triguna. We tend to underestimate them.

I have the feeling that, during the dark ages in Iceland, Mother Nature was said to be the bad, man-devouring skessa who dwelled in a mountain, the motive: to ban Nature-worship, and ban all admiration of Nature, rather men should go to church and pray.

Skessur own a fjöregg (an egg of life), which some brave men attempted to catch when skessur played with it in their mountain-cave (folklore).


Triguna, Satogun rajogun tamogun, or sattva rajas tamah, are þursamegir iii, the 3 qualities of Nature.
They are the powerful performers of actions in the world.

We make the common mistake of the unenlightened man by claiming the ego to be the doer of actions.

We shall take a break from them by nýsa niður, transcend Nature to her origin, before they make us crazy.


Listen to pronunciation:
Please note that the accent is always on the first syllable in Icelandic
þursamegir þrír, tefla teitir í túni, nýsa niður, meiðmar, skessa (singular) skessur (plural),

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